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Finally, hope is back in Ormstown

According to the facts published by the minister of municipal affairs, half of the mayors in the province have already been elected, since nobody applied for the posts.

Here in Ormstown, speaking to different people in my neighbourhood, it’s obvious that the citizens are very happy to go vote on November 7.

Looking at the list of candidates, it is for sure that we are going to have a new council, and one that I hope will be more willing to stop the rampant development of our village.

Finally, we might have a mayor who will now have to listen to citizens, because several candidates for councillor positions openly express the wish that the village remain a village and that it does not become a small Mercier!

The last city council rezoned farmland for speculators. In addition, Mayor Lapierre had suggested at the start of the Rivière aux Outardes project that the houses would be made of brick to respect the character of our village. What a beautiful deception that was, because the project is just a suburb of Montreal. This is not Ormstown.

Now the people of that development come to see the beautiful trees of old Ormstown. They, in their corner, do not even have any – not even a tree on the children’s playground.

The police the other day stopped next to me because I was walking on the street and told me that it is against the law. I explained to the constable that the sidewalks on Lambton and Bridge Streets are full of holes and bumps, that my legs are numb all the time and that one time I fell. I said that I had once expressly asked the mayor to repair them, but the mayor does not seem to have time to think of simple things like sidewalks because he always thinks big.

But, as we know from the pictures in The Gleaner, the mayor never walks. The children would like to be able to walk, but to go to the library, no sidewalk; to use the sports facilities that we paid $ 75,000 to CVR, no sidewalk for the children. He wanted to set up a cultural center on Route 201 at the former fitness center outside the village. No sidewalk.

The big change is more traffic, more noise. More than a hundred citizens demonstrated two years ago at the town hall to denounce his program and decisions, and this is something he should never forget.

Adieu monsieur Lapierre, bon voyage.

Richard Lupien, Ormstown

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