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Free Membership for The Little Green Library

As of 2019, all citizens in the municipalities of Huntingdon, Dundee and Hinchinbrooke will be able to borrow books and other documents from The Little Green Library without any fees. Membership is now free for the population of these municipalities since they have agreed to provide a contribution which makes it possible for the library to offer its services without charging the members.

A vast majority of the population of Quebec has access to a free library, and it has been clearly demonstrated that the use of libraries increases when there are no fees. So, this is very good news!

Membership will remain the same for persons from other municipalities: $5 for children who are 15 years of age or less, and $20 for an adult or a family.

We should also note that, since November 1, 2018, access to our computers and the Internet is also free for all, no matter where you live.

The Little Green Library is located at 4 Lorne in Huntingdon. For more information or to find out our opening hours, go to our website at

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Jeannie 2019-03-23 at 10:15

Therese, maybe you can convince the St-Anicet council to help subsidize the library. so its citizens can have free access too!

Therese 2019-01-14 at 07:21

Interesting & sad that they skipped right over Saint-Anicet to get to Dundee.
Yes, they (St-Anicet) have a tiny French library and a tiny half shelf of English books.
Nowhere near enough to serve the Anglo community, our go to has been TLGL
in the past as we are 7kms away.


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