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From The Gleaner Archives April 17, 2024

150 years ago

April 23, 1874

THERE WAS A CHARITABLE SEWING PARTY in New York the other evening, and during the affair the father of one of the young ladies appeared on the scene unexpectedly. He was so much gratified at the cleverness exhibited by his daughter with her needle that he then and there resolved that he would never pay another dressmaker’s bill. That young lady has now a strong prejudice against “sewing parties” and says she was an idiot ever to attend such an affair.

125 years ago

April 20, 1899

DEWITTVILLE: An excursion of students of Ste. Martine’s boys’ school, about 65 with 4 of the teachers and Father Quesnel of Ormstown, accompanied by the Ste. Martine Brass Band, arrived on nine o’clock train Saturday. On alighting from the train three cheers were given for the popular conductor, Joe Caron. A procession was formed, headed by the band, and marched to Geo. Filion’s sugar house, where maple sweets were partaken of in every form, much to the delight of the boys. Appetite being satisfied, racing, lifting, and jumping were in order. Mid-day the fat man’s race, in which George Filion came in first winning the cent, and Ed. McGowan 2nd best. The party left by 3 o’clock train, much pleased with their day’s outing.




100 years ago

April 24, 1924

ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE TO GET NEW RIVER CROSSING: Plan Another Interview With C.P.R. And Government Re Caughnawaga Bridge – 20,000 CARS – Present Years Traffic To Montreal Will Be Doubled – The report appeared in La Presse last week that the Montreal Harbor Commission is preparing amendments to its powers to be submitted to Parliament, in order that the Commission may finance the construction of a bridge to the South Shore. The estimated cost of its project is said to be around $4,000,000.

75 years ago

April 27, 1949

HUNTINGDON: There may be some who will shed tears that buildings on Chateauguay Street are now being torn down, but there will probably be more who will give cries of delight that these are going. They represent the days when the horse was distinguished and a much-used animal for transportation of all kinds. Here we have the old Blacksmith Shop operated until recently by Mr. J.A. Ross and the Harness Shop operated by Alfred Lasalle. Both were favorite places for men in all walks of life to visit and pass the time of day with the proprietors. Many tall stories have been told withing these portals and much of the village gossip was discussed here. … It is hinted that another type of business will take [the buildings’] place, but for the present, that is another story.

50 years ago

April 24, 1974

NIGHTCRAWLERS – and other creepies – have made their appearance since the rain we mentioned. And that makes bullhead fishermen happy. Scores of New York State cars as well as many Quebec vehicles were parked along creeks and streams along Rt. 3 between Dundee Lines and Cazaville on Sunday and bonfires along the Chateauguay at night between Ormstown and Ste. Martine, especially, mean fishermen are filling bags with the scaleless fish which some people consider the most delectable of all domestic fish. Some are after pike which abound in ditches and small streams at this time of year and which are good eating while the water’s cold, too.


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