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From the Gleaner Archives April 20, 2022

150 years ago

Thursday, April 25, 1872


J.W. Roberts, St. Lawrence Street, opposite Brossoit’s Hotel, Beauharnois, manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Fine, Single, and Double Sets of Harness, with all kinds of improved trimmings. Riding Saddles and Bridles of all grades, also Single and Double sets of Work Harness, Scotch Collars, Bridles, Cart Harness, of all grades on hand, at lower process that can be bought elsewhere of the same quality.


125 years ago

April 29, 1897

Herdman: John Bauden, whose place is on the 1st Concession, was presented by a heifer with a calf that would have suited Barnum. It has only three legs, yet is healthy, lively, and moves about as easily as if nature had given it the full complement.

Howick: Ground was broken for the basement of the new manse at Riverfield on Monday.

LaGuerre: The rain and snow Monday and Tuesday raised the river here higher than it has been since the ice left, but it is still confined within its banks … A new cheese factory has been built on the southwest corner of L. Moriarty’s farm on the Clyde’s Corners sideroad and the front road dividing the parish from Godmanchester. It is expected to start up this week.


100 years ago

Thursday, April 27, 1922


 After the big raid recently made on bootleggers in this county the rumrunners became frightened and officers patrolling roads made no more hauls of booze for over a week… However, the respite was not long, for early Thursday morning federal and county officers and state troopers made another big scoop of four cars… Two of the cars, a Cadillac and a Chandler, were very valuable. The other two were Fords.

Howick: Public dances are very popular in this vicinity and as the majority of the trustees of the Temperence Hall were in favour of the amusement, they continued to be held in that building. … It is pleasing to note that English and French citizens are cordially uniting to suppress the legalized traffic of liquor.

FOR SALE: Rhode Island Red eggs for hatching, 50 cents for setting of 15 eggs. A.W. McNaughton.

SIR HUGO OF CHERRY BANK: This registered Clydesdale is bay in colour, stripe, nigh forefoot and both hind legs white; the best of feet and good clean flat bone, with splendid conformation and action. … Terms: $2 cash, and $10 payable March 1, 1923. Albert Nussey, Bryson’s Station, Que.


75 years ago

Wednesday, April 30, 1947

Barrie Memorial Hospital drive

The formation of campaign organizations in the various townships in Chateauguay and Huntingdon counties was announced at the weekly meeting of the Building Campaign Committee at Ormstown on Thursday, by W.F. Welch and Dr. M.R. Stalker, Campaign Chairmen. … A farm site for the new building on the Huntingdon Road south of Ormstown has been purchased and plans for the new construction are nearing completion.


50 years ago

Wednesday, April 26, 1972 

Quebec farms lagging

Average milk production per cow in Quebec is 6,880 pounds and in Ontario 7,390 pounds, according to the latest available figures. The average for all Canada is 7,236 pounds per cow. Not only is Quebec’s average well below that of Ontario and the rest of Canada, but there has been less progress in Quebec over the last 10 years, according to the Provincial Bank of Canada. … Referring to the disappearance of farms in Quebec, the bank said there were about 60,000 dairy farms in the province in 1966 but the number had fallen to 40,000 in 1971. The decline resulted primarily from the consolidation of farms and the rural exodus.

Beaver boy makes find

Paul Tipping, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tipping of Beaver, while outdoors on Monday night, found a balloon which had burst, and which bore two tags. He took the balloon into the house, and upon closer observation … they were able to read that the balloon had been sent from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. a distance of 622 miles.

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