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From The Gleaner Archives April 3, 2024

150 years ago

April 9, 1974

FOR SALE: A 6 Horse-power Portable Steam Engine, complete; Price $350.

DOMINION AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS WORKS: The undersigned having lately built a large and commodious shop in the village of Howick, is prepared to furnish, with the latest improvements, Thrashing-mills, Brasher Falls pattern, 30-inch Riddles, Fanning-mills, Horse Rakes, Land Rollers, Straw Cutters, Circular Saws for cutting firewood, and Lath Saws.

125 years ago

April 6, 1899

ORMSTOWN: Sap, this season, is of sweetest quality, requiring a smaller quantity than usual to make a gallon of syrup. Syrup is now plentiful at 70 cents per imperial gallon.

HOWICK: The maple sugar season is unusually late this spring, very few trees having been tapped before April 1st. Syrup, guaranteed of a certain specific gravity, is being sold here at 80 cents per gallon.

KELSO: A large number of farmers are busy in their sugar bushes, but very little sap has been gathered.

100 years ago

April 10, 1924

DAIRY COWS ARE NOW HARD TO GET: Ottawa again discussed the dairy cattle situation last week and Mr. Brown of Lisgar, Manitoba made the statement that Quebec breeders had no heifers for sale.

PICTURES IN O’CONNOR HALL: Blazing the Trail of Romance – The Covered Wagon. Here’s your greatest screen adventure. Over the thrill-swept trail of ’49 with the western pioneers. Sharing their perils, living their romance!

FRANKLIN CENTRE: What were probably the largest snowflakes seen here for a number of years fell on Monday a.m. Some of them measuring as large as the top of a teacup. It kept it up for about an hour and it was still snowing on Tuesday p.m. thereby putting a stop to sugaring for a time at least.



75 years ago

April 13, 1949

THIS IS THE WEEK: FRIDAY IS THE NIGHT – McDougall Hall is the Place – 8:30 p.m. is the time. HELP YOUR BAND by attending the Big Band Concert in Ormstown.

ANTI-T.B. VACCINE: Thousands of volunteers in Britain are to be vaccinated with a serum which is claimed to have the effects of providing immunity from tuberculosis. They will be taking part in experiments sponsored by the Government to determine the efficiency of this technique. … The volunteers will be taken principally from nurses, medical students, and others in contact with tuberculosis. … The vaccine to be used is known as bacillus Calmette-Guerin and is named after two French doctors by whom it was first developed.

50 years ago

April 3, 1974

THIS AND THAT IN TOWN: IF YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH – recalling the days of the 5c chocolate bar, nickel Coke, 15c movie in the former O’Connor Theatre, nickel ice cream cone, 7c loaf of bread etc. won’t be too difficult. Gasoline was about five gallons for $1 and a quart of oil a quarter. Return train fare was $1 and a good car sold for about $875. … One soft drink, Flirt, was 3c and a family sized bottle of Kik was only 12 cents. Hot dogs at the old skating rink were only a nickel, same price for hot chocolate.

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