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From the Gleaner Archives August 10, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, August 15, 1872

OUT OF DOORS: “Do you really want to eat breakfast out of doors? Why, for gracious sake!” It was auntie who said it, they always do, and I wonder what in the world called forth that exclamation point. I am of opinion if she or any readers will try it, setting the table in a shaded place near the kitchen door, with green grass beneath, and a tree if possible overhead, they will thank me for the suggestion, although I hear them not. The morning air is so sweet these hot days, the flowers are more highly perfumed when laden with dew, and best of all, there is no trouble with flies. (Annie L.)


125 years ago
August 12, 1897

ORMSTOWN: A pigeon, with a silver band round one leg, flew into the stable of Andrew Glen, Allan’s Corners. There are letters and figures on the band. The pigeon is still in that section.
DEWITTVILLE: Hugh Cameron got possession of a live brown eagle, that measures  6 feet, 8 inches when the wings are expanded. He was captured about two weeks ago by means of a steel trap with a dead calf for bait.


100 years ago
Thursday, August 17, 1922

HOWICK: Since the sale of intoxicating liquor was prohibited last May, there has been a decided improvement in the reputation of Howick and vicinity and a drunken man is seldom seen on the streets.
SAINTE MARTINE: Last Sat-urday Mr. Theodore Brault whilst moving a building from the river shore to the Bean River concession had one finger badly bruised by the rope while crossing the railroad track on the Bean River line road. It was quite a risky job to go over the track with the building, the R.R. track being so high over the highway it needed many blocks. It took more time than expected and the men had to work without dinner to clear the track for the down train.


75 years ago
Wednesday, August 6, 1947

DANCE – August 15: The first in Entertainment – ENJOY YOURSELF WITH THE Ormstown Canadian Legion Branch 196. More Grand Prizes – Jitterbug Contest – Waltz Contest. A “ROUSING” GOOD TIME COME TO THE Ormstown Industrial Building. Best Orchestra Available – Refreshments on sale. ADMISSION 75 cents. EXTRA LADY 25 cents.


50 years ago
August 16, 1972

HUNTINGDON: The Huntingdon Fire Department’s trucks have a new home … Mayor Claude Pilon said that he expects the [new town hall building] to be completed by “about September 10.” He said work remaining to be done includes painting the offices in the new building as well as tiling the floors and partitioning the hold fire hall into offices.
ATHELSTAN: A sidewalk has been laid up to the swimming hole at the dam. The bathers ought to be grateful to the people who are responsible.

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