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From The Gleaner Archives August 23, 2023

150 years ago

Thursday, August 28, 1873

COW LOST: Lost about three weeks ago a Fat Cow, red colour, near Mr. Andrew Cunningham’s. Any expenses will be cheerfully paid. Word to be left at Milne’s Hotel, Huntingdon. Also, lost a three-year-old steer, on road from Dewittville. Word to be left at Mr. Lemay’s, Ormstown.

Illustration by Erica Taylor


125 years ago

August 25, 1898

DUNDEE: I have known persons to carry round a potato, horse chestnut, etc., as an antidote for rheumatism, but as I have never tested them cannot say as to their efficacy…

ORMSTOWN: At the Scotch games in Montreal on Saturday John McRae of Tullochgorum took 2nd prize throwing heavy hammer 85 feet 3 in., 2nd putting 21 lib stone 31 feet 7 in., and 2nd tossing caber 37 feet 9 in.

100 years ago

Thursday, August 30, 1923

SAINT-CHRYSOSTOME: A record for unseasonable weather was established last weekend when the rain came down and then turned to hail, and for a few minutes almost in the form of snow.

HUNTINGDON FAIR OPENS NEXT WEEK: Good Advance Entry Reported/2 Ball Games/Decisive International League Games Both Days

75 years ago

Wednesday, September 1, 1948

NEW EQUIPMENT [TO} IMPROVE PHONE SERVICE: Additional Switchboards Being Added at Valleyfield. Long distance service will be greatly improved in Huntingdon when the installation of additional long-distance switchboards is completed at the Valleyfield exchange… [It has been] pointed out that the daily average of long-distance calls is now eight times as large as in 1939, and that outgoing long distance calls from the exchange are being made at an average of more than 1,000 a day.

50 years ago

Wednesday, August 29, 1973

BREAD SPECIAL 40 CENTS: The cost of bread may go to 40 and even 50 cents a loaf before the year is out, Charles Grant, head of Grant’s Bakery in Huntingdon, predicted this week. That would be up to about double the present basic price for a standard 24-ounce loaf, Mr. Grant said, and the increase would be attributable almost entirely to the sharp rise in the cost of flour.

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