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From The Gleaner Archives August 25, 2021

150 years ago
Thursday, August 31, 1871
Dental Notice
J.S. McPherson, L.D.S. late of Montreal, begs leave to announce to the people of Huntingdon and vicinity that he has established an office in Mr. Shanks’ Block in the Village of Huntingdon, where he may be found daily until further notice during the first week of each month by all requiring his professional services. Having availed himself of all modern improvements in the profession, he is prepared to perform all Dental operations in a satisfactory manner. Special attention given to the Filling, Cleaning, and Preservation of the Natural Teeth, [also] Artificial Teeth, from one to an entire set, inserted on any of the most approved Bases.

120 years
August 29, 1901
If the parish council would wake up to its responsibility and duty, we are satisfied that Sunday drinking would soon be a thing of the past. It seems the outside vendors are profiting by the strict upholding of licence regulations enforced by the town authorities, and the more difficult it is made to get drink in Valleyfield on Sunday, the greater the rush to the parish bar-rooms on the edge of its limits, thus the tighter the town bar-rooms are closed, the wider the parish hotel-keepers open their doors.

90 years ago
Wednesday, August 26, 1931
Geo. Hampson loses barns in big fire
Friday afternoon around 4:45 p.m., smoke was seen coming out of the new barn of George Hampson, located on the Fertile Valley Road. The barns were L-shaped, the main structure being 80 feet long and the other 65 feet in length. Farmers were busy helping Mr. Hampson in his threshing. The McIntosh mill was being used, and whether the fire was caused by a hot bearing or not cannot be said, but only surmised. The fire seemed to be all over the barn at once. The farmers had a very hard time of it to remove the mill to safety, and this was only done after the inner workings of the machine were burnt out. Had the fire started fifteen minutes later it is just probable a loss of cattle would have also had to be recorded.

60 years ago
August 30, 1961
Improvement made at Dundee customs port
Considerable work has been completed lately in repairing the exterior of the Canadian Customs and Immigration Station at Dundee and in beautifying the grounds. According to the plans announced by Mr. Gerald Crete, Inspector in charge of the port, the interior and exterior of the building will be repainted next summer. New posts have been installed in cement blocks under the canopy and the two-car garage has been repainted white with black trim. Some black topping has been done and new concrete curbing built up along the edge of approaches. The lawn space at either end of the building has been enlarged to 20 feet wide, newly seeded. Large, colourful plants in the center enhance the beauty of the grounds.

30 years ago
September 4, 1991
Fairy tale finish for Pee Wee girls
The Ormstown soccer club’s PeeWee girls team finished their fairy tale season on Monday, August 27 with a 2-0 win over the squad from Soulanges to clinch the “Cup” final. The previous day, the PeeWees had defeated the same Soulanges team 4-0 to take the regular season gold metal. These games capped an exciting and record-setting schedule for the local squad. The team set three local records. For the first time in Southwest Quebec history, a soccer team finished play undefeated and without being scored on in regular season games. The team did allow a goal during post-season playoffs. Locally, the team finished with a 24-0 record for 1991. It is also the first time an Ormstown club has won either the “Cup” section or regular season championship.


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