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From The Gleaner Archives December 1, 2021

150 years ago
Thursday, December 7, 1871
Grand Display at Hemmingford
The undersigned, having now got his business in good working order, would invite the attention of all those requiring anything in his line to his immense assortment of general store goods, which for good value and variety are considered second-to-none in the country. Particular attention is paid to Ladies’ Fancy Goods, both useful and ornamental. Great inducements given to those buying large parcels, and everything guaranteed as represented. No effort will be spared to give satisfaction to customers and make the store first-class throughout. – John Edwards

120 years ago
December 5, 1901
Last week a bird was seen floundering in the loose snow, near the outbuildings of Gillies Bros. When caught, it was found to be a species of wild duck; its head and beak were about the size and shape of a crow, the top of the head and back was of bluish color, breast and belly white, with small, webbed feet. Perhaps some of your readers can give it a name. From the marks in the snow, it had evidently fallen exhausted while flying, for its wings and legs seemed powerless, no doubt due to exposure and want of nourishment. After pining for several days, the poor little creature succumbed to its sufferings, refusing to take any food.

90 years ago
Wednesday, December 2, 1931
Yearbook to be published
The publishers of the Annual Yearbook of the counties of Chateauguay, Huntingdon, and Beauharnois are now collecting the data and general information as well as the advertising copy for the second annual number. The book, published last January, received general commendation by all the people in this district, and comments were generously made by a great many newspapers throughout the Dominion, particularly in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.

60 years ago
Wednesday, December 6, 1961
New dairy policy proposed by Dairy Farmers of Canada
The Canadian Federation of Agriculture, in its presentation to the Federal-Provincial Agricultural Conference in Ottawa, urged the early enactment of a new Dairy Farmers of Canada, and called for an acreage payment to assist prairie grain farmers who are hard-pressed as a result of the drought. Pointing out that the price structure of the dairy industry has been “thrown out of gear” by a combination of technological advancements in production, the introduction of substitute products, and the rapid growth of processing technology, the CFA set forth a number of proposals which are closely interwoven into a far-reaching policy. While the proposal spells out that the long-term corrective to dairy problems involves arriving at a pricing system that returns the producer a fair economic return for his solids, it points out that something must be done now to correct the difficult situation surrounding the industry.

30 years ago
December 4, 1991
Violations in Chateauguay Valley
The Montreal Gazette reported in a front-page story November 26 about the province-wide sweep undertaken by the vigilante group, Action Quebec. The volunteer group also visited our Chateauguay Valley. The Gazette reported the group “found 43 violations before stopping for lunch at a snack bar in Huntingdon.” The group’s spokesperson, Phillippe Tremblay, was quoted as saying, “Everybody spoke English, the menu was in English, and the signs were in English. We didn’t like it, but we were really hungry.” Violators are to be reported to the Commission de Protection de la Langue Française.

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