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From the Gleaner Archives February 23, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, February 29, 1872
Last Call
All parties indebted to the subscriber, either by note or book account, are requested to call immediately and settle the same. He will also sell from this date at extremely low figures, the balance of his Dry Goods Stock, consisting of heavy tweeds, winceys, flannel shirtings, balmoral skirts, and a splendid lot of dress goods with many other articles too numerous to mention. A lot of No. 1 Labrador herrings for sale cheap. Signed, S. Montgomery.

125 years ago
February 25, 1897
A L.U.B.A. (Luba) social was held at the residence of Miss MacFarlane on the evening of the 22nd. On account of the storm, some were prevented from attending, but, nevertheless, it proved a success. After a program of songs, recitations, and dialogues had been disposed of, coffee and cake were served, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. The proceeds, something over nine dollars, was added to the library fund to purchase more books. The lion’s share of the preparation for the social was accomplished by the indomitable pluck and perseverance of Miss K. Cooper and Miss A. Hamilton.

100 years ago
February 23, 1922
The Trout River Debating Society held its semi-monthly meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Brown on Thursday evening, February 16. The evening was devoted to discussions on various subjects: “The Fertility of the Soil,” by J. G. Henry; “Plant Life, with special reference to the sun,” by R. E. Husk; “Astronomy, special mention of the Moon,” by W. L. Carr; “The Moon as a guide in planting potatoes, peas, and corn,” by Fred J. Donnelly. Music was rendered by some of the local talent. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all.

75 years ago
Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Dundee ratepayers to vote 
on purchase of new 
snow-fighting equipment
The council feels compelled to take the step of purchasing modern snow fighting equipment for the municipality due to the fact that their present outfit has been wholly unable to cope with the situation this winter, due to breakdowns, bad drifting conditions, etc. The demand for open roads for auto and truck traffic becomes more imperative each year as an increasing number of farmers depend on trucking service for hauling their milk to Montreal. School buses, medical services, and the trend of modern living all depend on the provision of year-round travel for auto vehicles.

50 years ago
Wednesday, March 1, 1972
Plans are proceeding for 
popular review
The end of winter is not so far off, and there’s nothing like a good laugh to make winter shorter. That being the case, Ken and Rhona Scott plan to help everyone by staging one of their popular reviews on the 24th and 25th of March at the CVR auditorium in Ormstown. Once More with Laughter promises to be every bit as good as previous productions by this couple. Newcomers to the cast include Jake Higgins, Herb Gould, and from Ormstown, Vernon Ouimet. All have blended together to form a lively, fun-filled revue with bright sparkling music.

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