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From The Gleaner Archives February 7, 2024

150 years ago

February 12, 1874

FOR SALE AT THE WEST END HOUSE: A nice assortment of VALENTINES! Comic and Sentimental. VIOLINS!! A new lot, will be sold very cheap, also best Italian Strings and Bows. Finnan Haddies, Fresh Oysters & Haddock, constantly on hand. Teas, Coffees, Raisins, Currants and General Groceries, of superior quality and cheap.

J. HUNTER wants every person owing him to call and settle their accounts before the 25th Feb., and he means what he says.

125 years ago

February 9, 1899

ORMSTOWN: Thos. Smith of this village, a noted curler, has won the Reid cup for this year. Tho’ young, he has strong nerves, and his block counted every time.

ATHELSTAN: Mr. John Elder is running his grist-mill by steam, on account of anchor ice, which hinders him from using water-power.

100 years ago

February 14, 1924

HOLSTEIN MEN DECLARE FOR T.B. TESTS AT FAIRS: Resolution Passed Asking That Fair Boards Admit Tested Stock Only – VOTE 40 TO 36 – $7,000 Voted For Publicity Campaign. The doom of the untested purebred dairy cow appears to be sealed. The battle, of course, is not over yet, but a vote taken at the annual meeting of the Holstein-Friesian Association at the Prince George Hotel, Toronto, on Thursday indicated the way the wind will blow before long…

HOCKEY MATCH: Lancaster vs. Huntingdon in Huntingdon Rink on Tuesday Evening… The Huntingdon team played Lancaster on Wednesday evening at Lancaster on an open-air rink. The boys report having had an excellent game although losing by a score of 4 to 1. Undoubtedly Tuesday’s game will be a hot one.

75 years ago

February 16, 1949

SEEK MEANS FOR ALL TO PASS T.B. TESTS – Feel This Only Means To Rid Quebec of Disease: The Quebec Government is seeking means to have the entire population of the province examined in its anti-tuberculosis campaign, Health Minister Albiny Paquette told the Legislative Assembly.




HUNTINGDON: Children had a wonderful time at the Skating Rink on Saturday afternoon, when about 400 of them crowded the rink for the annual party sponsored by the Dutch Club and the Skating Rink Officials… The bear that was on the ice running around loose, gave the children quite a time by chasing them and in turn being chased by the bolder ones. It is hard to say which got the best of it, the bear or the children.

50 years ago

February 13, 1974

ROUGH GOING FOR CVR TEAM: If CVR’s television team failed to win in their Reach for the Top effort last week they at least learned there are no holds barred in the wonderful competitive world of big-time TV. The CVR team, which spent a lot of time boning up on possible answers and questions, went to the TV performance in Montreal hoping to win. The winners, the Chambly County High School, went strictly to win, no matter what. … [The CVR team] were disillusioned by the experience which included some rough heckling… “Some South Shore supporters produced beer bottles and sang school songs liberally seasoned with four-letter words [before taping] … During the taping period itself, answers were shouted from the audience… a Lakeshore newspaper recently carried an article about cheating of this kind on Reach for the Top…” But positive aspects… have far outweighed the loss and the trauma… [Students] have now the habit of looking for intellectual challenge.

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