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From The Gleaner Archives January 10, 2024

150 years ago

January 15, 1874

FRANKLIN: The Franklin Foundry will be sold on reasonable terms, with a large stock of metal, coal and sand; there are also patterns for ploughs, stoves, mill castings &c., &c., &c., sufficient to supply the large business which has been carried on in this premises for the last twenty-five years, also, a blacksmith shop and tools, carpenter and paint shop with tools, and a supply of seasoned timber necessary for the business.

125 years ago

January 19, 1899

DEWITTVILLE: While cleaning a gun on Tuesday morning, Andrew Castell shot his brother Alex in the foot. Amputation will not be necessary and he is in a fair way of recovery.

100 years ago

January 17, 1924

FOOLING NATURE BY ELECTRICITY: Growth of Flowers and Plants Now Being Pushed – It is as easy to fool a flower or a vegetable as it is a hen, in the matter of making it work overtime by means of artificial light. In a series of tests, scientifically conducted by Westinghouse engineers and by horticulturalists, it has been proved that when subjected to the hot, piercing rays of powerful electric lamps turned on at night, beans and tomatoes, asters and begonias, among other vegetables and flowers, developed at a rate far exceeding that of similar plants left entirely dependent on sunlight.

75 years ago

January 19, 1948

STRIKE AT WOOLLEN MILLS: Workers Walk Off Job Tuesday Night – A strike of the workers of the Huntingdon Woollen Mills was called by the Union of the United Textile Workers of America on Tuesday evening and the strike went into effect on Wednesday morning and with the night shift of Tuesday night. … The union was asking for an increase of 20 cents per hour, but this was decreased to 17 cents and at the present time to 13 cents. Negotiations are still going on with the hope of arriving at a solution.

50 years ago

January 16, 1974

ORMSTOWN LIONS CAKE SALE GOOD: The Lions Club have resumed meetings after the holiday season and report that their sale of Christmas fruit cakes was the best they have had. More than 600 cakes were sold. The members say a hearty thank you to all who helped them in any way in this project. Several grocery baskets were given by the Club to needy families at Christmas as well as small gifts to shut-ins in the area. A number of sets of eyeglasses have been given to needy children.


LCSC SEEKING PUBLIC GUIDANCE ON HEALTH NEEDS: … The CLSC, a new preventive health establishment created by Bill 65 of the National Assembly of Quebec, is to be activated coincident with the opening in the spring of the new Huntingdon County Hospital. … “The time for people to tell us what services they feel are most needed is before the CLSC is actually in being. That is why we are planning increased communication and more meetings with the public between now and the end of February” (Marielle Green, CLSC animator). … The planned CLSC services are meant to answer the needs in the community as expressed by the people in it.

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