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From the Gleaner Archives January 11, 2023

150 years ago
Thursday, January 16, 1873
Professor Boussingault, in the Annals Chimie et de Physique for August, records a series of experiments of bursting an iron vessel by the freezing of water; [if the vessel] be strong enough to resist the expansive force of the water in the act of congelation, the water will remain fluid at the lowest temperature to which it may be exposed.

125 years ago
January 13, 1898
SAINT-STANISLAS: The good sleighing and the fine weather of the past few days has made quite an improvement in business, and our merchants are once more wearing smiling faces.
DEWITTVILLE: Several carloads of bark are being shipped from this station by Mr. Cottingham of Ormstown. The bark was bought at the rate of $4 per cord.
HEMMINGFORD: Since the snowfall of the night of the 4th inst. Sleighing hereabout has been excellent, and the hauling of pulp and firewood, hay, and straw has gone on quite briskly.
SAINT-ANICET: The lake was bushed here last week and the ice reported to be good, although, owing to a long air-hole towards the north shore, a detour has to be made.

100 years ago
January 18, 1923
DEBATE: The Trout River Debating Club will meet at the home of Mr. John E. White on Tuesday evening January 23. Subject: “Resolved that the young man who stays on the farm until he is thirty-five makes a better citizen than the one who knocks around the world until that age before he settles down.” Come and hear a good debate. J.G. Henry, secretary.




75 years ago
Wednesday, January 14, 1948
HUNTINGDON OWNERS WIN DISTINCTIVE TROPHIES FOR HORSES: Mr. David McCoy and his horse Valerie Lee [won a] fine trophy which was recently awarded for the horse in the Light Harness Class for showmanship and speed. The trophy is for winning the Light Harness Zone Championship for Zone 1 which is Eastern Canada and made by the Canadian Horse Shows Association. The silver tray is suitably inscribed, and Mr. McCoy is very proud of the award as it is the first time such an award has ever come to Huntingdon … A similar award was made at the same time to Miss Viola Lallemand for her horse Betty Firefly in the Three-Gaited Saddle Horse Division for the championship in Zone 1. Miss Lallemand also has a silver tray suitably inscribed and is naturally quite proud of the achievement also.

50 years ago
Wednesday, January 17, 1973
THIS ‘N THAT: If you have a sweet tooth, read on. If not, better turn to something else and bless you anyway. Right now, we want to talk about a truly delicious product: light amber honey from the apiary of André Billette, Ridge Road, Huntingdon. … [Editor’s note: seven paragraphs about honey followed] … And so, our recipe for a tasty snack is a couple of slices of Grant’s special natural brown bread toasted, butter, and André Billette’s honey. Don’t count the calories… we don’t want to know the answer, thank you.

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