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From The Gleaner Archives June 26, 2024

150 years ago

July 2, 1874

ST. LOUIS DE GONZAGUE: I am prepared to fill orders for Combined Reapers and Mowers, self-rake, with 3 sets of knives, as follows: Single Reaper – this cannot be a combined machine. Combined Mower, heavy. Single Mower, light machine, for mowing only, $80. Sulky Hay Rake, made of good material. Rare chance to obtain a well got up Rake, $24. Sold last season at $35. H. Symons.




125 years ago

June 29, 1899

LAGUERRE: Steps are being taken to repair the church here. All the pews will likely have to be taken out and a new floor put in.

100 years ago

June 26, 1924

CAIRNSIDE: …For those who enjoy a pleasant day together in the grove at Cairnside, a pleasant time is expected at the Farmers’ Picnic. At the Ormstown show last week, Mr. D.T. Ness, Secretary of the Picnic, reported that he had the Beauharnois Band engaged, and that the replies written to speakers had been most encouraging. He expects to have one of the best picnics held for many years, providing the weather holds.

75 years ago

June 29, 1949

ORMSTOWN: Traditionally Ormstown Exhibition is the first of the major Holstein shows of the year and has provided grand competition, this year was no exception, the 85 head shown by nineteen exhibitors putting on an excellent show. Glen Ayerst Farm, Ormstown, carried off nine firsts including the Senior and Grand Championships in both the male and female section and the two Junior female Championships. Eglanitiers Rag Apple General, heading the Ayerst string won the Grand Championship for Bulls for the second time in succession at this show.

50 years ago

July 3, 1974

HUNTINGDON: A couple of college lads – home for the summer – probably thought they were introducing something new to the old hometown about 10 o’clock Friday night when they went streaking. Naked except for towels around their necks and Adidas on their feet, they streaked from Pivin’s Patates to the Aquarius tavern then back over the bridge to the Chateau. While many knew their identities, the real fun was on Saturday. People asking “Who were they” were given some weird replies, such as Mayor Pilon and Martin Beattie… Father Marcil and Marshall Hooker… Alphonse Carisse and Jim McCoy… and on and on.

ATHELSTAN: The model boat regatta at Athelstan’s Moonlight Lake on June 29 and 30 has to be considered a success, despite the unfavourable weather, and organizers are hoping that it will become an annual event.

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