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From The Gleaner Archives June 28, 2023

150 years ago

Thursday, July 3, 1873

NEW MODEL BUCKEYE MOWER: These Mowers widely recommended themselves to farmers last year as preferable to the wooden frame. They are all iron, and are the lightest and handiest Mowers made. In those for this season we have introduced several improvements, making the frames heavier and using malleable castings in the shipper handle, slide, and clutch, with a malleable pinion. Cash price, $80.

125 years ago

July 7, 1898

FARMERS’ PICNIC: Nothing more remarkable has happened in our district than the starting of the farmers’ picnic on Blueberry rock and its rise into one of the most popular gatherings. We are not aware that any one can claim to be its originator, and it seems to have arisen from the general desire among farmers to have a day’s holiday before haying. … The rock, or plain, is central to the English River district, St. Malachie, St. Louis, and Franklin, and Dominion Day is one on which everybody feels a little relaxation is justifiable. The only drawback to the place of meeting is the roughness of the road over the rock. … Last year the crowd was estimated to exceed 1500; this year it was decidedly larger.

100 years ago

Thursday, July 8, 1923

BEAUTIFUL DAY FAVOURS ANNUAL PICNIC IN GREIG’S GROVE: The attendance at the Farmers’ Picnic at Cairnside was not as large as on the days of yore, but a very respectable turnout gathered under the shade trees in Mr. Greig’s grove on Monday. The day was exceedingly warm in the sun, but here under the cool maples, it was comfortable. Tables were spread and a bountiful lunch was served the picnicers. Afterwards all gathered around the speakers’ stand… Mr. Ballantyne pleaded for greater faith in Canada among the gathering. The storm years of the present decade had apparently taken the heart out of many… Mr. Ballantyne declared that the Province of Quebec was the greatest in the Dominion and that the sound intelligence of its people made it impossible for any radical movements to get a stand, mentioning the attempt four years ago to introduce the One Big Union in the province as an example. With such a province and such a people a great future must be in store and it was for the farmers, by friendly feeling, by cooperation and a spirit of progress, to prepare for that happier era of prosperity that was bound to come.




75 years ago

Wednesday, June 30, 1948

UNITED CHURCH TO INSTALL ELECTRONIC CHIME SYSTEM: At a meeting of the United Church Board, held on Monday evening, June 21st, it was decided to install a system of Electronic Chimes as a memorial to those from the church who fell in the last war.

50 years ago

July 4, 1973

ELGIN: Horselovers of the Chateauguay Valley turned out enthusiastically Saturday to compete in the fifth annual Elgin Township show and incidentally help pay for a new roof for Elgin Presbyterian church.

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