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From The Gleaner Archives March 20, 2024

150 years ago

March 26, 1874

THE WALKER WASHER: Patented Sept. 2, 1873. Price, $8.00. Out of the hundreds of Washing Machines contrived by American ingenuity within the past twenty-five years, none have been found to answer the full requirements of a Washer, until the introduction of “THE WALKER WASHER.” It performs its work on scientific, Philosophical and common-sense principles.

125 years ago

March 23, 1899

FARMERS AND THEIR TEACHINGS [excerpt from a letter to the editor]: What has been called “intensive farming” is the rage today. What is the result in the dairy? First, tuberculosis in many of those herds stabled all winter without exercise in the open air. Second, abortion in many herds, caused by extending the milking period beyond the limits assigned by nature. Third, ruining the constitution of the cow and her offspring, or, in other words, they are wanting in stamina. The farmers are bored to death by agricultural lecturers who talk for money, while we have to work for it. The truth of the matter is this: education is now widely diffused and we know enough. Had we the means to carry out one half of what we know, we would have beautiful farms and buildings, but where is the money to come from? … When I was a boy politicians studied political economy and the farmers agriculture. Today the politicians are endeavouring to teach us agriculture and we would like to teach them economy. Yours truly, FARMER. Hinchinbrook

100 years ago

March 20, 1924

FRASER’S POINT IS SOLD: A deal has been completed whereby Messrs. W.D. Fraser, A.W. Vass, A McEdwards, and D.M. Rowat, N.P. have purchased the farm and summer resort known as Fraser’s Point from Mr. W.H. Fraser.

LADIES: Your Spring Hats Are Here. You are cordially invited to call and inspect them. M. McGinnis, Huntingdon, Que.

75 years ago

March 23, 1949

HISTORIC TREATY Made Known Friday to Check Aggression: Eight Powers Slated to Sign, Four Others Invited to do so in Interests of Peace… The Atlantic powers unveiled their historic treaty last Friday to checkmate aggression by arms if necessary and Western leaders immediately hailed it as a defence against both war and communism. The text did not mention Russia. However, there has been no effort on the part of the participating powers to hide the fact that they were primarily concerned with the possibility of a Russian expansionist move.




50 years ago

March 27, 1974

THIS AND THAT IN TOWN: The ’74 Ormstown Ex prize lists are in the mail. Man, it really is spring! ~ Talking about the season, people have started poring over the seed catalogues they have been getting. Small wonder… prices for vegetables are reported to be heading for a 40% upswing. ~ Oh where oh were is inflation going to end? Try that to Danny Boy. Standing on your head. We haven’t flipped yet, but if paper prices keep doubling…

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