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From the Gleaner Archives March 23, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, March 28, 1872
Notice is hereby given that application will be made to the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, at the next sitting thereof, for an Act to incorporate a Company with power to construct a railroad from some point on the southwestern frontier of the County of Huntingdon, Province of Quebec, to some point on the Montreal and Champlain railroad, or to the south end of the Victoria Bridge.

125 years ago
March 25, 1897
A meeting of those interested in the private telephone line in this village was called by Mr. Pare, to negotiate for the purchase or lease of the poles, wire, and boxes. A representative of the Bell Telephone Company was also present, and the merits of the rival lines were duly set forth. The Bell company offered to connect with Montreal and other places for a bonus of $200. The Pare [group] has no means of crossing the Saint-Lawrence at present. The disposal of the village telephone property was left in abeyance, as the amount offered by Mr. Pare was considered much too low. Mr. Pare represented that the boxes now placed here were of no use, whilst the Bell agent maintained that they could be easily adapted for use. Mr. Pare intends to build the line from Ormstown to Howick at once.

100 years ago
March 30, 1922
St. Martine
Last Wednesday between eleven and twelve o’clock, two men entered the church at Saint-Urbain Premier and tried to break open the [collection] box, but a girl in the vestry room heard the noise and went to investigate what was going on … Seeing the masked men, she was afraid, and tried to escape through the hall when she was caught by the thieves. They tied her hands and feet, gagged her, and left her there on the floor where she was discovered after dinner by Paul St. Marie who happened to go to the church. It is a mysterious thing how the two men disappeared without being seen in the village. The priest was absent that day.

75 years ago
Wednesday, March 26, 1947
Eight-day-old baby has a tooth
At least one baby born at the Huntingdon County Hospital will not continue to give a toothless grin, for at the age of eight days the child had a tooth. The baby is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Aubin, of Huntingdon, and he was born at the County Hospital on March 13. It is rather unusual for babies of this age to have even one tooth; therefore, Baby Aubin is in the news.

50 years ago
Wednesday, March 29, 1972
Chateauguay Valley teachers united
It is well known that local French and English Catholic teachers belonging to C.E.Q. have solidly supported the common front call for a strike mandate. An emergency meeting of the Chateauguay Valley Teachers Association, representing English teachers in Chateauguay, Ormstown, Valleyfield, Beauharnois, Huntingdon, and surrounding area, voted by an overwhelming 92 per cent to give their executive a strike mandate. This vote in favour of a strike action clearly shows that the French and English teachers are in accord in their dissatisfaction with the most recent government offers. Teachers say they fully realize the dismay of local parents at the prospect of strikes in schools; however, who but the government would offer workers longer workdays, declassification and frozen salaries, higher costs for pension plan, removal of sick-leave benefits, and then react as if teachers’ demands are unreasonable? This situation cannot continue much longer in our schools without disastrous results.

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