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From the Gleaner Archives March 8, 2023

150 years ago
Thursday, March 13, 1873

NEW TIN SHOP: Opened in the Chrystal Block, opposite the St. Andrew’s Church, Huntingdon. All kinds of work done in the line. PHOTOGRAPHING as usual. John H. Gilmore.

125 years ago
March 17, 1898

ORMSTOWN: A member of St. Paul’s church has given $3000 for the erection of a hall on the church property.

The Chateauguay rose high on Sunday and the roads were impassable. During the strong wind the tin was all torn off the grist mill roof…. Sunday and Monday those passing on the station road were crossed in boats over the creek. …. Several bridges in this section were carried away. … The water has fallen again. The ice still remains in the river above this.

HOWICK: … Ten inches more of a rise in the English River would have caused the water to flow down the front street. … Several gullies and low bridges were flooded 3 of 4 feet deep and it was with great difficulty that passengers and milkmen reached the G.T. depot. … Maple trees are being tapped this week in several sugar-bushes, and a good run of sap is expected, as the ground is well covered with snow.

VALLEYFIELD: Wheels are now in order about town, although the sleigh roads leading to Valleyfield are said to be still good.

DUNDEE: The hot sunny days of last week, especially on Friday, made sad havoc with the snow, and on Saturday morning the Salmon was booming. It continued to rise until about noon, when the water was running across the road and the flats were like the Bering Sea, with muskrats instead of seals.

100 years ago
Thursday, March 15, 1923

SATURDAY is the 17th of Ireland and after that Spring is here. What about those harrows and wheels that need repairing? Get your rubber tires put on here. Satisfaction Guaranteed. J.A. Ross, Huntingdon.

75 years ago
Wednesday, March 10, 1948

FREIGHT TRAIN WRECKED AT AUBREY: A long freight train was going west, and had just passed Aubrey Station, when the second car jumped a broken rail, loosening away from the engine, which got away safely with one car. In a minute or two 35 cars were all a jammed up mass of wreckage, some driven endways into the sides of others, some upside down, and some on their sides in the ditch and over the fence, and one, filled with condensed milk, was thrown about 100 ft. over in a field on its side. Fortunately, with the engine getting free, no one was hurt. Most of the cars were quite badly wrecked, with springs and other parts scattered around… A wrecking train arrived and started work on the east end, and another arrived at the west end. The track for a considerable distance was completely torn up, and rails twisted and broken almost beyond belief.

ORMSTOWN: Dairy breeders organize for artificial insemination; meeting held at Ormstown addressed by Dr. Mercier, Dept. of Agriculture.

ORMSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Drama Night, March 19th and 20th, One-act plays “The Valiant” (Grade XI) and “Wayside War” (Grade XII). Admission 40 cents.

50 years ago
Wednesday, April 11, 1973

HUNTINGDON: Work is pro-gressing steadily on Huntingdon’s Regional Arena on Fairview Road. … The project is being financed by the Town of Huntingdon and the municipalities of Hinchinbrooke, Godmanchester, Elgin, Saint-Anicet, Sainte-Barbe, and Dundee.


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