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From The Gleaner Archives May 1, 2024

Archives May 1, 2024

150 years ago

May 7, 1874

HUNTINGDON FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT: Give honour and credit where due – As some Parties have been asking whether the Tailoring branch is an independent concern, and so on, this is to certify, that I have no interest in Mr. Walsh’s business, only to make his work up, and he pays me for it what I want by the piece. He finds me room, machines, and everything, except wood and coal, rent free. I employ my own hands and pay them. He gives me the privilege to make up all I can get beside the work from his shop. Parties furnishing their own cloth, &c., will make their bargains with me and pay me… John Nevill. P.S. – You can rely on having your work done well and neat by me at Moderate Charges.

WANTED: An apprentice, from 15 to 19 years of age, to learn the Blacksmithing, to whom liberal wages will be given. Good recommendations required. Apply to D.B. Simpson. Shop at Long’s Corners, Dundee.

25 years ago

May 4, 1899

HOWICK: Arbor day was celebrated here by a holiday for the school children, who planted several trees on the school grounds.

ORMSTOWN: In this vicinity there has been little seeding, but around Allan’s Corners, where the soil is different, many farmers will finish this week.

SAINT-STANISLAS: We are having a long spell of fine weather, too warm for this time of year, and a day’s rain would be very acceptable to take out the frost and start vegetation. It is going to be a late spring and feed is not too plenty.

ATHELSTAN: Alex. McDonald, a boy 10 years of age, of this village made himself famous by catching, last week, in Mud Creek, a pike weighing 8½ lb.

ALSO ATHELSTAN: Although the season is late, the garden has already yielded one of its first fruits, in the form of asparagus, which was ready for use on Monday.




100 years ago

May 8, 1924

LIGHTING THE HIGHWAY: Several councils along the Caughnawaga highway on Monday entered into contracts with the Highway Lightinghouse Company for the erection of lights. These are to be pillar lights, lit on the same principal as a buoy and on the top is a warning sign at a railway crossing, or curve, while on the sides are advertisements.

MALONE PAPER SAYS BOOZE MEN MET IN A GROVE: “Farmer” Says Big Bootleggers’ Gathering Held In Grove Near Valleyfield – LOCAL DENIALS – The So-Called Gathering Was Not A Sunday School Affair

75 years ago

May 4, 1979

FISH PLANTINGS in Peterborough Co. waterways in 1948 included 1,000,000 muskellunge fingerlings, 39,000 smallmouth bass fingerlings, 10,300 speckled trout, 30,000 lake trout fingerlings and 100,000 herring fry.

FIFTY MILLION COCOA TREES on the African Gold Coast are said to be threatened with a virus disease that endangers the world’s supply of cocoa.

50 years ago

May 8, 1974

WHAT KIND OF GUCK is it that one sometimes finds in the bottoms of soft drink bottles? We’ve heard that on rare occasions people have discovered flies and other insects after they have downed liquids out of a bottle… and rumour at least has it that other things have been discovered also…but yours truly came across something which looked suspiciously similar to a filter from a cigarette over the weekend. We’ve heard some folks question if the bottles are sufficiently washed before being refilled. Right now we’re wondering the same thing.

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