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From The Gleaner Archives May 18, 2022

125 years ago
Thursday, May 23, 1872
AUCTION SALE: The subscriber has received instructions to sell by Public Auction at the Hotel of Miss E. McEachern, in the Village of Durham [Ormstown]… the Mill site and land belonging to the same, containing five acres of land more or less, and Dwelling-house thereon erected, together with the right of way through part of the Stewart farm to the public highway. It is conveniently situated about 1.5 miles from the Village of Durham, on the River Outard.
S. MONTGOMERY, Huntingdon: [The subscriber] would call special attention to his Teas which are fresh, well flavoured, and cheap, Sugars, Spices, Crackers, Syrups, Herrings, Codfish, Raisins, Pork, Hams, Salmon, Potatoes and everything else usually kept in a First-Class Grocery Store. He will also sell from this date at extremely low figures, the balance of his Dry Goods Stock, consisting of Heavy Tweeds, Winceys, Flannel Shirtings, Towels, Towling, Prints, Canvas, Ticking, Cotton Skirts, and a splendid lot of Dress Goods.
PROPERTY AT HOWICK FOR SALE: A Dwelling-House and Blacksmith Shop for sale, the property of Andrew Tolmie, situated in the Village of Howick… a brick house of nine rooms, with garden attached.
SAXON MONARCH: This well-bred Stallion … is six years old this grass. He will stand at the following places: Monday, at his own stable, Huntingdon; Tuesday, at Trout River Lines; Wednesday, at Powerscourt; Thursday, at Franklin Centre; Friday afternoon, at Athelstan; Saturday, at his own stable in Huntingdon.

125 years ago
May 27, 1897
HOWICK: The celebration of the Queen’s birthday was marred somewhat by the showery weather we had here until the middle of the afternoon. Flags were floating in the breeze over many residences; firecrackers, exploding here and there, were the small boy’s method of manifesting, probably unconsciously to himself, his patriotic love for his noble Queen… The young men took advantage of the dry afternoon to have a game of baseball.
SAINTE-MARTINE: The rain was so cold that cattle had to be put in the stable. Grass is short, and many farmers are still feeding hay. … All the cheese factories are running, and the farmers are satisfied with the price of cheese.

100 years ago
Thursday, May 25, 1922
ORMSTOWN: The curling rink has been rented for showing moving pictures.
HOWICK: The Howick Dramatic Club went to Bainsville [Ontario] to give their play there on the 23rd. They motored to Valleyfield, crossing the St. Lawrence by boat.
RIVERFIELD: The stonemasons are busily engaged at the Riverfield Church this week and the work is progressing favourably.
VALLEYFIELD: At a meeting of the Valleyfield council Tuesday night Alderman Cholette moved, seconded by Faubert, that the report of the referendum re: daylight saving be rejected and that the normal time remain in force.
FRANKLIN CENTRE: Mr. Charles Rowe had a swarm of bees come out the 10th inst. and three more swarms on the 23rd. It is a record in this section.


75 years ago
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Roads in Huntingdon County in Terrible Condition [This was at the top of the broadsheet front page, a full-width headline in Cooper Black bold, with a four-photo spread]. That they are a menace to safe driving is beyond doubt and that they are in need of repair goes without saying.

50 years ago
Wednesday, May 24, 1972
Ormstown Saracens surprise in tourney: Ormstown Rugby Saracens turned a few heads last Saturday when they reached the quarter finals of the Quebec seven-a-side tournament before being beaten.
Virtual unknowns before the 24-team tournament, the Saracens managed convincing wins over St. John’s, Newfoundland 16-0 and favoured Montreal Irish 14-0, before being beaten 18-6 by the eventual winners, Montreal Wanderers. … CFCF radio was at the game and Ormstown was mentioned on the sports broadcasts on Sunday.
Entries pour in for Ormstown Ex
… That the fame of the Ormstown show continues to be spread abroad is noted in the fact that there have been cattle entries from as far away as Nova Scotia, and handicraft exhibits from Manitoba. … Wednesday evening will be marked by a parade which will include bands from Salmon River High School and Chateauguay Valley Regional High, and the Ormstown Rhythmettes. … The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will present their Musical Ride as the feature attraction in the arena Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
This and That in Town, BONES: The bones found in a pair of boots at the scene of the fire at Lee’s Corner have been found to be animal bones, according to a provincial police lab report.

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