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From The Gleaner Archives May 29, 2024

150 years ago

June 4, 1874

ATHELSTAN: Having been appointed Agents for the Queen of the Harvest Separator in the County of Huntingdon, we have already sold several machines which give perfect satisfaction is all cases. As a Separator of all kinds of Grain and Seeds it has no equal. No fact is more deplored than that farms are becoming fouler each year by sowing foul seed with the grain. The use of this separator in the preparation of seed will increase the value of any farm of 100 acres more than the cost of the mill yearly. WILSON & McGINNIS

125 years ago

June 1, 1899

CHATEAUGUAY: In some sections the caterpillars have got the mastery, and in consequence the trees look about as desolate as in mid-winter, denuded of their foliage. This week those who spray for the codling moth will beat it. Some were spraying here with poison (paris green) during the time the blossoms were out. It is hardly fair to kill the poor bees who are so indispensable a friend to the fruit grower, but some people can only see one thing at a time and that sometimes very imperfectly.

100 years ago

June 5, 1924

FOUNDED BY ROBERT SELLAR now Published by his Sons: In presenting this issue to the readers of the Gleaner the Publishers are marking the sixtieth anniversary of the Gleaner. In date it is not accurate for the first issue of the Gleaner was published on the 16th of September, 1863. During all this term of years, now nearing sixty-one in number, the Gleaner has belonged and has been edited by the Sellar family. In its history one break alone in publication has occurred and that was in the seventies when a paid incendiary set fire to the building and destroyed the plant and equipment. This fire happened on the night of June 17th, 1870. On the 14th of July of the same year publication was recommenced.

75 years ago

June 1, 1949

ORMSTOWN: During the next few days vans will be rolling along from all directions from as far away as 500 miles and the destination will be Ormstown. In this cavalcade will be no less than 960 head of cattle and horses… The 960 head is made up of 310 horses, 388 head of cattle, 200 sheep and 60 head of swine, but still this will be only a small part of the great show. Everything humanly possible is being done to make things pleasant for this livestock and to have them properly housed while at the exhibition. It must be remembered that this is a very valuable cargo and must be taken care of.



50 years ago

May 29, 1974

POWERSCOURT: Huntingdon and Hemmingford Beavers held a combined cookout, marshmallow roast and general outing at the Powerscourt Scout campground last Saturday.

ORMSTOWN FAIR: New attractions this year will include the 33-member Bell choir from Montreal, which will perform at 6:30 Saturday night in the arena.

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