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From The Gleaner Archives May 3, 2023

150 years ago

Thursday, May 8, 1873

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEED-INGS: … Regarding the item of $140,000 for keeping up a military force in Manitoba, Sir John A. MacDonald said it was not proposed to diminish that force now. To do so would cause great dismay in that country, where the embers of the troubles of 1869 were still hot, and might be fanned into a flame. … He would bring down on the following day a series of resolutions for the establishment of a mounted police, which would be of more service to that part of the country. They would be mounted on strong hardy horses, and would be able to move rapidly from one part of the country to the other, and would supply the place of the current military force.


125 years ago

May 5, 1898

VALLEYFIELD: Mr. Sparrow has a force of nearly 500 men at the new works for the Cotton Company. The new mill is to be erected on the site of what is known as the Parham cottages. A quarry has been opened on the Clark farm, now owned by Mr. Thompson. A railway siding will run into the quarry, so that stones will be taken by cars from the quarry to the new works.


100 years ago

Thursday, May 10, 1923

REMEMBER this is Huntingdon’s clean up week – the only week in the year that it is polite to dump your rubbish on the front lawn. Make an effort and clean up before the dust flies.

GEORGETOWN CHURCH 1823-1923: Centenary Celebrations May 20th and 21st. 1923. … Illustrated booklets containing Historical Sketches of the Congregation procurable from the libararians.

RENNIE’S SEEDS: Have just received and placed in stock: Rennies’ Jumbo Sugar Beet; Rennie’s Perfection Long Red Mangel; Rennie’s Jumbo or Elephant Swede Turnip; Rennie’s Derby Swede Turnip; Rennie’s Prize Purple Top Swede Turnip. D.A. MacFarlane, Huntingdon.

ROUSSELLE’S HOME BAKERY: The steady increase in the Sale of our Bread goes to prove that it is more than satisfactory. We are in for best and better goods all the time we are confident that the people have noticed the change in Bread during the last two years. Yours most humble Zepherim Rousselle. Phone 60, Huntingdon. The home of Purity Ice Cream.


Illustration of people on horses at a starting line and with one horse pointing in the wrong direction.
Illustration by Erica Taylor


75 years ago

Wednesday, May 12, 1948

LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES FOR ORMSTOWN EXHIBITION: Further List of Special Prizes Offered. … Canada Bread Company: Donate 10 loaves of bread to the Winner of class 106, Parker House Rolls; and 10 loaves of bread to the winner of class 110; Home Made Bread.

Fifty-five-dollar Pony Stake; Sponsored by a friend of the Show; Half mile running race by ponies under 12 hands, ridden by boys or girls under 16 years of age. To be run on Saturday afternoon June 12. No whip and no spurs permitted. Entry fee $2.00, eight entries to fill, must be entered before 12 o’clock noon on the day of the race. Prizes $10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.


50 years ago

Wednesday, May 9, 1973

WOOLCO: Men’s Stylish Golf Shirts, 4.83 each. Men’s Double Knit Dress Slacks Priced to Please, 15.95 each. Stretch Elastic Belt with Elegant Polished Buckle, $5. Men’s Golf Hat in Three Great Styles: Come on in and see our fine collection of golfer’s hats. We’ve got hats in plain shades for the more conservative or in Seersucker – Madras plaid for the more daring. One size fits all. $1.97 each. Men’s Sport Hosiery in Two Styles, Your Choice, $1.50/pair. Use Your CREDIT – just say “CHARGE IT.” 

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