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From The Gleaner Archives May 4, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, May 9, 1872
S E E D S !!
John Richardson, Athelstan, begs to intimate to the public that he has now ready for sale his Fall Importation of Seeds, consisting of Clover, Mangold, Turnip, Carrot &c.

Champion Homeshuttle 
Sewing Machine
An excellent, pretty, and indispensable home companion. Warranted for five years. Price reduced to $26. Marion A. Allen, Agent, Huntingdon.

J.H. Gilmore, Photographer
Photographs and pictures taken as usual in best style. Cameo Vignette, the latest style of Photograph. Something new and nice. Albums, Chromos, and Lithographs for sale cheap.

125 years ago
May 13, 1897
Huntingdon Village Council
The road committee made certain recommendations, viz: To purchase a carload of pine lumber; To macadamize King Street, from Dalhousie to Chateauguay Street, also Dalhousie Street, opposite the piano factory. The light committee reported they had engaged Eli Recor to light the streetlamps at 60c per night. Confirmed.

100 years ago
Wednesday, May 11, 1922
[Concerning smuggling]
… It is a very sorry spectacle of Quebec administration. We establish a government liquor vendor at Valleyfield and sell booze to American smugglers. Then we hire men to catch the smugglers. If any are caught they are fined and the liquor sometimes confiscated and often returned to the vendors who sell it over again. And so our good honest Quebec government flourishes and the population of our cities daily becomes tougher. An occasional bootlegger gets shot, a revenue officer hurt, a garage man killed … but what is that to us who would rather feed our own greed, cater to debauchery and help send men and women to hell than help them to success.

75 years ago
Wednesday, May 14, 1947
Huntingdon Town Council
The Secretary was instructed to buy a supply of pamphlets dealing with the Province of Quebec Safety Code for Cyclists and that a copy accompany each bicycle licence when issued.
Milk reports were read for the Elmhurst Dairy, Pringle Bros. and Ralph Goodfellow. All reports showed milk to be in excellent condition.
Letter was read stating the Amusement Tax would have to be collected at the Skating Rink in the future and that specially printed tickets would have to be used.
Place For Poultry at 
Ormstown Fair
The Committee in charge of the Poultry Dept. of the Ormstown Fair are making a special effort to get out a larger exhibit than ever, and have a wonderful lot of special prizes which have been added to many of the classes. … Open to bona-fide farmers alone, there are trios and pens in the B.P. Rocks, R.I. Reds, White Wyandottes, White Leghorns and New Hampshires. Turkeys, Ducks and Geese of the most popular varieties have not been forgotten, and yet stock such as rabbits, bantams and guinea fowl have also a place in the prize list. … Get your entries in before May 30.

50 years ago
Wednesday, May 3, 1972
Leslie Rennie is featured
Leslie Rennie, Brooklet, who through his knowledgeable devotion for the artifacts of the past, has filled the twenty-room [house] of his grandfather with a collection which rivals that of many civic museums.
A recent issue of Quebec Histoire, a new bilingual publication, features an article by Keitha McIntosh of Dewittville describing Mr. Rennie’s “one-man museum.” This includes Cook’s Store, built in 1825, and replete with wares of that period; also Black’s Church, erected in 1829 to serve the needs of a multidenominational congregation. The farm museum displays implements of the past. …
Perhaps the most unique is Leslie Rennie himself. … Throughout the years Mr. Rennie has opened his home and his heart to the youth, and their respect and admiration has grown, not only for him, but for his attitude.
This and That in Town
Chateauguay River – We all know there are some lunkers in the [Chateauguay] River including pike. Good luck. Uh-oh, do you need a fishing licence?
HAVE YOU SEEN – the snazzy new half-ton pickup our area game wardens now do their patrol work in?
Ormstown – Watch for the organization of a drama club here … The Casa Venezia, besides being a good restaurant, has improved the appearance of Thattown’s business section.
WELL, WHADDAYAKNOW – the ‘flu bug has reappeared … big, brassy and bold as before.

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