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From The Gleaner Archives November 15, 2023

150 years ago

November 20, 1873

XMAS AND NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS: Toys and Fancy articles/Violins, Flutes, Concertinas and Accordions, Stamped Braiding Suits, Berlin Wool Slipper & Ottoman cover Patterns, Berlin Wool plain coloured, shaded and clouded, coloured Knitting Yarn, Silk Braiding Braid, Filloselle, Canvas, Perforated cardboard, Lace and Cotton Trimming, Lace and Linen Collars, Silk Ties, Button Moulds, Brooches, Earrings, Gold Bracelets, Lockets, Necklets, Rings, a splendid assortment of Dolls, Rubber, Wax & China, Chinese Lanterns, Tea-sets, Tool-sets, Watch-cases, Albums, Toy and Story Books, Pocket and Memorandum Books, Best Table Cutlery, Hair Braids & Switches, Trunks, Carpet Bags, &c., at JOHN GILMORE’S.

125 years ago

November 17, 1898

SAINTE-MARTINE: The heavy fall of snow we had on Thursday and Friday of last week gave pretty good sleighing on Saturday, when no wheels were seen in the village, but now the roads are not good for either sleighing or wheels.

VALLEYFIELD: Thursday, on the down trip, the Rocket got aground on lake St Louis, during a blinding snowstorm. She was lightened by the Filgate and made her regular trip up on Tuesday.




POWERSCOURT: Mr. Hend-rickson, who is on the Geo. McClatchie farm, had 8 pigs, 6 weeks old, stolen, and a set of light harness and two horse collars. How the thieves got away with the pigs, generally so noisy when disturbed, is unknown.

100 years ago

November 22, 1923

HEN THIEVES ARE BUSY: The Huntingdon district has been free of hen thieves for some time but this last weekend a number of farmers woke up in the morning to find that their poultry houses had been robbed during the night. A large number of farms lost birds, among them being Messrs. C.J. Murphy, McDonald, Dinneen and Mrs. J. Sparrow.

75 years ago

November 17, 1948

RURAL SHORT COURSE HELD at ORMSTOWN WELL ATTENDED: … One of the more popular sessions was a talk given by Jack McPherson, C.B.C. commentator, entitled “Serving You by Radio.” Mr. McPherson spoke of the use of radio license fees and of the problems encountered in bringing to the public programs such as the “Noon Farm Broadcast” and “Farm Radio Forum.” … Another interesting lecture was on drainage problems, by Prof. Heimpel. He strongly urged much more extensive use of underdrainage and said farmers in this district would have to do this before they could successfully grow crops such as sugar beets. … Sewing classes were held each afternoon for the ladies and under the instruction of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. many young women were able to complete garments and learn many dressmaking hints.

50 years ago

November 21, 1973

WINTER CARNIVALS PLANS UNDERWAY: A special meeting of area representatives of the Loisirs and Sports Association took place in the St-Anicet Town Hall on Nov. 12. With the object of deciding policies on the series of Winter Carnivals which will be held in Cazaville, St-Anicet, Port Lewis, Ste-Agnes, Huntingdon, St-Regis and Ste-Barbe, this winter.

PROTESTANT REGIONAL BOARD ANXIOUS OVER RURAL SETUP: With so much concentration on the CEGEPs and Polyvalente schemes, the Protestant Regional School Board of the Chateauguay Valley contends that elementary school education is being left far behind. It recommends government budgetary education norms be altered and given sufficient flexibility that a much higher standard of education will prevail in the smaller elementary schools, especially in rural areas. … The brief stressed that the early school years are by far the most important in a child’s education, also that elementary and secondary education should be as equal as possible in urban and rural districts.

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