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From The Gleaner Archives November 16 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, November 21, 1872
SCHOOL BOOKS! SCHOOL BOOKS! A complete assortment of all the School Books in use will be found at THE GLEANER BOOK STORE, together with the Spencerian Copy Books and Bookkeeping Blank Books at City prices.

125 years ago
November 18, 1897
ORMSTOWN ACADEMY: A most successful entertainment was held in Ormstown on Friday evening, Nov. 6, in connection with the opening of the new academy building. For the last few years, the school in this village has increased in numbers so steadily and rapidly that more accommodations had to be provided. The present commodious and well finished structure is the result. The building is fifty-eight feet long by thirty-six feet wide, with a large tower on the front for cloakrooms, halls, and stairway.


ILLUSTRATION Gleaner archives


100 years ago
November 23, 1922
HOWICK: The farmers are congratulating themselves on the fine open mild weather which permits them to finish their outside work without being impeded by frost or snow. Cattle are stll in the fields and an abundance of milk is being hauled to the factories. Butter at thirty-seven cents has not been as low at this date for many seasons. It is remarkable how eggs jump to sixty cents so quickly compared with old time prices.

75 years ago
Wednesday, November 19, 1947
ORMSTOWN DOG WINS HON-OURS: On Saturday, November 15, Mr. and Mrs. John McKell and son George and Mrs. Alex. Holmes attended the Province of Quebec Kennel Club Show at the 17th Duke of York Royal Canadian Hussars Armoury. Female collie, Kelvingrove Bonnie, took 3 first prizes, winner’s female and best of opposite sex. Master George McKell showed Bonnie in the children’s Variety Class where he won second prize.
COLONIAL ACRES [excerpt]: This past week it was a privilege to inspect the new premises owned by Mr. T.L. Watson, a short distance from Huntingdon on No. 4 Highway … He has undertaken to remodel it on modern lines until today it ranks among the finest in this part of Quebec. [It has] 41 head of registered Ayrshires as part of its stock. A completely new barn has been built with the latest in equipment … The barn is 116 feet long and 66 feet wide in its widest part; it is built in an E shape. The main barn which houses the Ayrshires is 38 feet long, with fully cement floors and drainage. Iron pipes form the partitions between the animals and the individual enclosures, with certain of the stanchions arranged to lock each animal in its stall. … A staircase leads up to the loft or haymow, and here bins have been built … These can be fed into another bin or hopper directly into the feed grinders in the barn below. … It is also possible to clean the grain that is used for seeding purposes. The hay is baled to facilitate easier handling and the farm owns a modern baling machine for this purpose. All the machinery in the barn is operated by electric power from individual motors.

50 years ago
Wednesday, November 22, 1972
CHATEAUGUAY VALLEY residents awoke Monday morning to find this area blanketed with a light fall of snow. It wasn’t sufficient to cause any discomfort, but local garages reported a brisk business installing snow tires.
ALL YE WITH SUMMER TIRES – possibly balding at that – better get along over to your favourite suppliers for a pair of winter ones.
CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS have been in evidence in city department stores for weeks. That’s rushing the season, but if our snow is here to stay… why, it’s not too early any longer.

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