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From The Gleaner Archives November 2, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, November 7, 1872
SALE BY AUTHORITY OF JUSTICE: Will be sold to the highest and last bidder, on Monday, the eleventh day of November next, at eleven of the clock in the forenoon, at the door of the Roman Catholic Church of the parish of St-Malachie d’Ormstown, in the County of Chateauguay, District of Beauharnois, the real estate hereinafter described…, to wit: 1st. [in Ormstown] … a half-lot containing two arpents and five perches in width by twenty arpents…; 2nd. A lot five arpents, nine perches, and nine feet in width by 25 arpents…; 3rd. Fifty-nine perches and nine feet in width, and twenty-five arpents in length…; 4th. … one hundred and two arpents and sixty perches in superfices…; 5th. The lot or emplacement known as number nineteen of Lovell’s property… [Editor’s note: a perch is an equivalent unit of measurement to the rod: 16.5 feet, or one quarter of a surveyor’s chain. It could be used to create a ‘perfect’ acre of 40 perches by 4 perches. A square perch is 30.25 square yards (25.29 square metres) or 1/160 of an acre.]
125 years ago

November 11, 1897
ORMSTOWN: Our village, tho’ progressive, has not waked up to the enterprise of draining the creek. This matter has been and is still being considered in several lights. Does its presence affect the health of our people? If so, it would be wise to remedy the evil. The work would not be difficult, and it is probable there would be money realized by the enterprise.
RIVERFIELD: On the night of October 12, John Milne on the Scotch Concession had a fine young Clydesdale mare stolen out of his pasture… Last week he got word that his mare was in Burke, N.Y. and on Tuesday he left home to recover her… He went to the house of Wm. Cooke, Burke, N.Y. who produced the mare and afforded every information procurable. It seems the thief was a young man who lived near here … [who was] living with an uncle in Malone… when he left to steal the mare and reappeared next day in the States. He sold the beast to a man in Burke… for $29, who resold her to Wm. Cooke for $60. Mr. Cook had his suspicions that the beast had been stolen, and it was through word by him Milne learned what he did, and it is satisfactory to know he recovered his $60 from the man he bought from. Mr. Milne has been at some expense but is well-pleased to have recovered his mare, which is well worth $76.

100 years ago
November 9, 1922
HOWICK: Bicycles have become more and more numerous during the past summer and the new macadam road is a favourite place for speeding. They are also used by boys and girls going to and from the day school as well as Sunday schools.

75 years ago
Wednesday, November 12, 1947
HUNTINGDON: Huntingdon-Ormstown Holstein Club annual dinner held at Chateau… Mr. Hays, Toronto, was guest speaker… Mr. Hays recently returned from a trip to the Latin American countries in South America… Canada is acknowledged to have the best Holstein cattle in the world and much of that credit goes to the famous T.B. McCauley herd where the “Rag Apple” blood was propagated. Fine udders and high test is what the Argentines are driving for and if they get it, it will be tough for us.

50 years ago
Wednesday, November 8, 1972
CVR students stage noisy demonstration: Student discontent over a proposed change in name of Chateauguay Valley Regional High School manifested itself in a noisy protest demonstration Friday afternoon. The protest brought classes to an abrupt halt and resulted in the early release of the approximately 1,350 students. The students and many teachers were angered that the Ormstown school would be renamed in honour of David C. Munroe, former principal of Ormstown High School. The student body is apparently totally averse to the change, but many were up in arms about the manner in which the announcement was made. “Nobody was told until we were faced with a ‘fait accompli’,” one student remarked.

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