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From The Gleaner Archives November 3, 2021

150 years ago
Thursday, November 2, 1871
Farm for Sale
The subscriber offers for sale his Farm, being part of Lot No. 11, on the fifth range of Godmanchester. It is eligibly situated on the main road from Huntingdon to Caughnawaga, and within a mile and a half of the former village, while it is bounded in front by the Chateauguay River. There are 30 acres of bush. There is a dwelling house and suitable buildings on the lot. Also, a bush lot in Teafield, comprising 50 acres. For terms and further particulars, apply on the farm. Undersigned, WM. Davidson.

120 years ago
November 7, 1901
At the regular monthly meeting of the W.C.T.U. on Saturday, the president, Mrs. Holiday, reported that a basket of flowers had been sent each week since spring to Mrs. Latham of Point St. Charles. Three dozen of Gems had been received by request, to fill with jellies, preserves, and other delicacies. They were nearly ready for shipping. It was decided to send them to Mrs. Latham. Mrs. George Moore was elected treasurer in place of Mrs. Gordon, and Mrs. Antoine was elected superintendent of literature for railways. Mrs. Wm. Watt, the delegate to Sherbrooke, gave a good verbal report of the convention there. The “plan of work” framed in Sherbrooke was read and discussed.

90 years ago
Wednesday, November 4, 1931
Forrester’s store safe dynamited
When MR. R. E. Forrester locked up his store Tuesday night, Nov. 3 at 7:30 o’clock, all appeared to be in perfect order, but upon opening up this morning they found pieces of steel blown from the safe near the front of the store. Burglars had entered the store at the rear of the building through breaking a pane of glass and taking off a window. The safe was drilled and dynamite used in liberal quantities. The bottom of the safe was badly damaged. The contents of the safe were untouched. Just what has been stolen from the store stock has not yet been fully revealed, but apparently some small items have been taken. The Ormstown Village Council are co-operating with Mr. Forrester and are endeavoring to find out who the intruders are.

60 years ago
November 8, 1961
A.E. McArthur to judge Ayrshires at royal
Mr. Allister E. McArthur, Cherry Bank Farm, Howick, has again been chosen for the second consecutive year to judge the Ayrshires at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The show dates for the Ayrshire classes are Monday and Tuesday, November 13 and 14. 322 animals are entered this year and there will be 19 exhibitors from Quebec. Mr. McArthur also judged the show in 1953.

30 years ago
November 6, 1991
Radio’s “Old Cynic” will be remembered
All those familiar with country life in Canada will be saddened to hear of the death of H. Gordon Green, noted feature writer on farm and rural life from Ormstown, Quebec. He passed away suddenly, succumbing to complications from a recent illness, at the Montreal General Hospital on Sunday, November 3, 1991. He was the features editor for the old “Family Herald” magazine from 1948 until its demise in 1968, as well as being a newspaper columnist, radio broadcaster, and author of numerous books during a journalistic career that spanned more than 40 years. During this time, Green carried out a parallel career as an accomplished teacher in English and the humanities. His contributions in the writing, teaching and agricultural professions have been recognized across Canada and throughout many parts of the world. His presence will be greatly missed by all those who knew him, as well as by those who were familiar with his voice on the airways.

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