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From The Gleaner Archives October 18, 2023

150 years ago

October 23, 1873

SEIGNIORY RENTS: The Seigniory Office will be open from Monday the 29th September till Friday the 31st October, inclusive, to receive payment of this year’s Rents. All are requested to settle before the 1st November, as the undersigned returns to Montreal that day, when the Seigniory Office will be closed. J.M. Browning, Agent.

125 years ago

October 20, 1898

ENGLISH RIVER PLOWING  ASSOCIATION: The annual match of this, the oldest association of the kind in the province, took place on Tuesday, on the farm of Archd. Craig. The day was fine and though on the cold side for spectators was just right for plowmen and teams. The competition was not as large as usual, only nine plows entering. The land was in fine order and splendid work was done.

DUNDEE: Rice Reynolds, a young man who leased the Reynolds farm at Bombay, N.Y., bought 19 head of cattle to stock it. On Friday customs’ officers from Malone paid him a visit and seized them all, as having come from Canada. If it can be proved he knew they were smuggled he is liable to be imprisoned in addition to losing the beasts.

100 years ago

October 25, 1923

DEWITTVILLE: Work on the foundation of the bridge is expected to be completed by Thursday.

One day last week speed cops were stationed in the village to watch the automobiles and make a record of the speed of each one. A large number were found to be travelling at a rate much in excess of the speed limit for villages.

75 years ago

October 27, 1948

A FISH STORY: Mrs. Bellion on the Ridge Road, Huntingdon, called the Gleaner Office excitedly on Tuesday evening with the story that her son Jimmy had just caught about a dozen fish in their well on the farm. She explained that there is no river within miles of the place and she cannot find any explanation of how the fish got into the well. She is wondering if there is an underground river from which the fish got into the well. She was asked the question as to whether the fish were put in, but doubts this. However, the young lad got the fish from the well and they are reported as being about 6 inches long.

50 years ago

October 24, 1973

APPLE PRICES: Sky-high prices for Valley’s short apple crop… Apple prices are way up in Quebec because of a short crop and consumers can anticipate further increases between now and next July. “Prices won’t go down,” Jim Leahy of Franklin Centre, one of the Chateauguay Valley’s biggest producers, told The Gleaner this week. “Holdings are not so great that there can be anything except price increases.” Valley apple growers fortunate enough to have had a good crop and get it hand-picked find 1973 perhaps the best of years, “But,” said Leahy, “a good many orchards just didn’t have apples.”

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