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From The Gleaner Archives October 4, 2023

150 years ago

October 9, 1873

FURNITURE, SASHES, DOORS, & c.: The Subscriber keeps constantly on hand, at his Factory, in the Village of Huntingdon, a good supply of Chairs, (can-bottomed, wooden, and rocking,) Bedsteads, Lounges, Sofas, etc. Sashes and Doors on hand and made to order from the best of material. Coffins made to order on the shortest notice. Good saw logs of any kind, shingle logs, and grain taken to advantage.

125 years ago

October 6, 1898

ORMSTOWN: For some time, an impression has been abroad in the community that McDougall hall is not sufficiently strong in its construction to accommodate a crowd of people with safety. In deference to this feeling the building committee invited Mr. A.C. Hutchinson, architect, of Montreal, to examine it. As a result of his examination, it has been found that the four iron tubes which support the upper floor are each capable of sustaining 9 ½ tons, which would be 80 lb to every square foot of floor supported. However, that there may be no shadow of ground for fear, the committee are having these tubes strengthened by the insertion in each of a core of dry hardwood 4 ½ inches in diameter. At the same time they are strengthening the run-beam by placing one of oak under it, 6 x 8 inches in size, adding 36 additional joists extending from the run-beams to the wall, and putting in 4 iron rods, 1 ½ inches in thickness, extending across the building and terminated by plates on the outside of the walls. These with the support that partitions in the lower hall can afford, put the possibility of danger entirely out of the question.

100 years ago

October 4, 1923

CUSTOMS MEN HAVE SHOT GUN TURNED ON THEM: Two Officers Are Slightly Wounded – At New Erin Farm – Matter Now Before The Court At Valleyfield. Saturday morning three customs officers and one provincial official went to the farm of Henri Daoust to make a search. As a result of the visit Mrs. Henri Daoust has been charged with wounding two of the officers and is now out on $2500 cash bail. … [An officer] noticed a woman’s hand holding back a curtain and spoke to her. She warned them to immediately leave the premises, and when the officer was preparing to read the authority under which they intended making the search a gun was fired through the panel of the door and the officers beat a rapid retreat.

75 years ago

October 13, 1948

CANADIANS Will Soon Know If They Can Have Margarine: … Court sources say a ruling on the legality of the ban placed on the butter substitute 62 years ago may be handed down by seven Supreme Court judges October 18. … [Margaret Hyndman of Toronto, appearing for the Canadian Association of Consumers] said that the ban denied Canadian women their “legal right” to buy a nutritious food and article of trade. She said a “crisis” had risen in Canadian homes when butter went up to 75 cents a pound.

50 years ago

October 10, 1973

CVR LAUNCHES ON-THE-JOB TRAINING: The Chateauguay Valley Regional High School at Ormstown is introducing next Monday, a program under which students will get on-the-job experience. The venture is called the Co-operative Work program. Initially it will involve 15 senior students and 15 different businesses, mostly in the Chateauguay Valley.

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