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From the Gleaner Archives October 5, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, October 10, 1872

ALLAN’S CORNERS: James H. Blair offers extraordinary bargains in Linens, Table Cloths, White and Brown Table Linen, Towelling, Flannels, Bed Ticking, Bleached and Brown Cottons, Shirting and Sheeting, Alpacas, Lustres of all colours, Repps, Merinoes, Fancy Dress Goods all shades, Ready-made Shirts, Winceys, Ginghams, all-wool Shawls, Ladies’ Vests and Scarfs, Children’s Victoreens, Corsets, Woollen Gloves, Infants’ Bootees, Lace Curtains and Laces, Edgings, Insertion, Fringes, Black Silk Bows, Silk and Satin Ribbons, Silk Velvet Trimmings, Velveteen, Hosiery closing out cheap, Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, Fancy Flowers, Carpet Yarn, Cloth Brushes, English Tooth Brushes, Pocket Knives, Toilet Soap, Umbrellas, Tweeds, Oil Cloths, Felt Hats … Japan Teas and Black Teas, Currants, Raisins, Sugar, Tobacco, Soda, Fish, Tin Ware, Glass Ware, Crockery, Whips, &c.

125 years ago
October 14, 1897

HEMMINGFORD: Lieut. And Adjt J.F. Scriver of the 6th cavalry has been authorized by the militia department to raise an additional squadron for the regiment, in and about Huntingdon. Lieut, Scriver is now in that neighbourhood making the necessary preliminary arrangements for organizing the squadron.

DUNDEE: Dogs in Dundee have taken a liking for the sport of killing sheep … It would be well to impose a tax on dogs, to be placed as a fund for the payment of sheep so destroyed. There is no doubt lots of worthless curs kept by persons who are unable to give them enough to eat, and they go out foraging for themselves. When they once commence sheep-killing they are apt to keep it up.

100 years ago
October 12, 1922

CHILD HYGIENE: This week the province is giving importance to child hygiene and speakers in all the cities are emphasizing the need for better child protection. The government has also issued a text book for use in the schools. This book has not been printed in English yet, but is being used in every French school for the week. Two dangers in particular are emphasized, tuberculosis and bad teeth.

75 years ago
Wednesday, October 8, 1947

AUBREY: The Aubrey Curlers will hold a Chicken Shoot in the Aubrey Curling Rink, Monday October 6 at 8 p.m. Classes for Ladies. Any .22 calibre sporting rifle allowed. Sandwiches and coffee will be on sale.

50 years ago
Wednesday, October 11, 1972

HUNTINGDON: Students at the Huntingdon Academy had a fire drill last week and cleared the building in one minute 58 seconds. Principal David Daoust said, however, that he would like to have the drill completed in under a minute, as was the case last year.

PORCHLIGHT CANVAS: Members of the public are asked to leave their porchlights on next Monday when the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 81, conducts its annual Porchlight Canvas at 7 p.m. for the Quebec March of Dimes. In the past the March of Dimes concentrated its efforts on helping polio victims, but with the decrease of that disease in recent years, money given to its campaigns is devoted to those who need artificial limbs, braces, and wheelchairs as well as those with hemophilia and cerebral palsy.


A question for our readers: Can anyone shed light on what a “Chicken Shoot” is (as mentioned in the 75 years ago entry in the archives)? Our staff is intrigued, and would love more information on the details of this event!

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