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From The Gleaner Archives September 20, 2023

150 years ago

September 25, 1873

COWS! COWS! COWS! The subscriber offers for sale 34 good Milch Cows cheap. If not sold soon will be disposed of by public auction, of which due notice will be given.

STRAYED: On the premises of the undersigned some time ago, two yearlings, one a steer and the other a heifer. The owner may recover the same on paying costs. Joseph Laird, Hendersonville.

125 years ago

September 22, 1898

THE HAVELOCK SHOW: Those setting out orchards would do well to give the preference to winter fruit, which, even in years of lowest prices for summer and fall varieties, has paid. In this view, the splendid plates of Greenings, Baldwins, Spys, Russets, and Ben Davis were satisfactory. … That the women of east Huntingdon are famous as housekeepers is acknowledged, and the spirit of emulation seems to be on the increase among them to judge by the way in which the entries of preserves and other table delicacies grow, to the overwhelming of the secretary and perplexity of judges. … Of fancy work there was a pretty assortment, with several well-finished crayon drawings, the best being the wayside cottage and the dogs.


100 years ago

September 27, 1923

ANOTHER CRASH AT SHARP TURN: Curve at Howick Collects Another Accident. Frequent mistakes are made by auto chauffeurs coming from St. Martine (sic) to take the turn leading to the Howick bridge. The danger sign is about half an acre from the corner, and many drivers not expecting the turn so soon have to continue straight ahead and then back up and turn. But others attempt the turn and finding they cannot make it, run into Mr. Stewart’s field. Last Friday, a heavy car broke three posts of the fence before stopping.

TUNING FORK HAD TO BE USED IN CHURCH: Last Sunday the Knox Church organ in Howick being out of commission, the old-fashioned tuning fork provided the key note for the choir.

75 years ago

September 22, 1948

MR. CANADA TO FEATURE FIREMEN’S DANCE: Huntingdon’s Volunteer Firemen are holding a dance at the hall at the Fair Grounds, this Thursday evening, for the benefit of their club. An advertisement appearing elsewhere in this issue states that Mr. Canada of 1947 will give an exhibition of muscle control and feats of strength for the patrons. … We cannot tell you now who Mr. Canada is, but he is living in Huntingdon and won the title in contest with other entrants.

50 years ago

September 26, 1973

HUNTINGDON: [quote from a story about Elgin Iron Works; Marshall Hooker speaking] “Huntingdon was a good deal smaller in those days. I remember hunting rabbits, when I was 12 years old, within the limits of the present town,” says Mr. Hooker. “There wasn’t much cash around in those days. I used to sell the rabbits I shot on the edge of town and in the Teafield for $1 a pair, and you could get eight or ten pounds out of a pair. There were lots of partridge all over the county then too.”

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