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From the Gleaner Archives September 21, 2022

150 years ago
Thursday, September 26, 1872

FRESH-BURNED LIME Now on hand at A. McCracken’s, Boyd’s Settlement, Hinchinbrooke.

WANTED: A HARNESS MAKER Wanted to take charge of a Shop where there are two or three other hands. He must be sober and steady, a married man preferred.

[From “September” by Annie L. J.]

So, neighbours, go on and plant. There is both health and wealth in the ripened fruit, beauty and value in the trees that will add to the worth of your homestead, glorify your farm with a wealth of bloom in May, and a richness of fruit in October, that will be the delight of yourselves and your children, as they continue to grow and improve with coming years. Spite of scab and mildew, bitter rot, and blight, parasites and fungi, the apple tree, stands pre-eminent among fruit trees … No wonder poets of modern days have sung in its praise, and the oldest of our American singers has commenced one of his sweetest songs, “Come, let us plant the apple tree.”


125 years ago
September 30, 1897

DUNDEE: An engineer from Ottawa was here last week taking soundings in the Salmon River. Of what his report will be he did not give an inkling. The water in the Salmon kept up this summer longer than usual, but it has gone down of late, so the Ogdensburg boat does not come in.

ORMSTOWN: Under the auspices of the W.C.T.U., Dr. Nichols gave an excellent temperance address in St. Paul’s church on Thursday. His subject was “Mind your own business.”

At the Saint-Louis show, Hon. Mr. Rolland, M.L.C., gave two prizes, one for best mare, and one for best colt. Jas. Greer got one and his son John A. Greer got the other. The prizes were large bronze pitchers, very handsome, and cost $10 each.


100 years ago
September 28, 1922

HOWICK: A legitimate and honourable business has opened out in the old Hebert Hotel, a tailor now occupying the building after decades of booze selling there.

CAZAVILLE: I have a man working for me now who is a graduate. He is able to do any kind of work in the way of fixing cars. Work is guaranteed. Prices right. Auto accessories for sale. Specialty in stationary machines and lighting plants. Albert A. Caza, Prop.


75 years ago
Wednesday, October 1, 1947

POLIO DRIVE REACHES $800: The Huntingdon Branch of the Canadian Legion reports that the amount so far collected in the Polio Campaign in this county is $800 and the amount of the objective is $1,300. There are several more districts in the county to make reports which will no doubt increase the amount of collections, but it is felt that the total amount will fall short unless more contributions are received.


50 years ago
Wednesday, September 27, 1972

ENROLLMENT LOWER IN VALLEY SCHOOLS: The executive of the Chateauguay Valley Regional School Board recently learned that enrollment in Valley schools was slightly lower than last year, with an increase of less that one per cent in high schools and a decrease of three per cent in elementary schools.

HUNTINGDON: [excerpt from article, Artificial ice mayor’s topic] Two years ago a group of mayors met and agreed to pay $2.50 a head for each member of the community for a couple of years in order to finance an artificial ice project, which at the time would have cost $80,000.


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