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From The Gleaner Archives September 22, 2021

150 years ago
Thursday, September 21, 1871
Farm for Sale
The subscriber offers for sale his farm in Hinchinbrooke containing about fifty acres of land nearly all cleared, being parts of No. sixteen and seventeen in the fourth range of said township, there is a house and stable on the lot, also a good well on the premises, for further particulars apply to the subscriber or to J. Morrison, Clerk of the Court Huntingdon. [Signed] Andrew Boyd, Belmont, Franklin County, N.Y.

120 years ago
September 26, 1901
Chateauguay Basin
It is gratifying to know that at the exhibition of the horticultural society, held in Montreal last week, R. Jack & Sons were even more successful than usual in carrying off honours. They received 1st for best collection of 15 varieties, and 1st for best of 6 varieties. Also, 1st in Fameuse, St Lawrence, golden russet, and McIntosh, and 2nd for Wealthy, and Alexander. The prize also went to them for best and most tastefully arranged basket of outdoor fruit, and for best basket of fruit dessert. In grapes they took 1st for best collection and of white, besides individual prizes. 2nd prize for collection of phlox also fell to R. Jack & Sons. Miss Fulton of Franklin competed in several classes of apples, and carried off 3rd prize in best collection of 15, 12, and 6 varieties.

90 years ago
Wednesday, September 30, 1931
Cold storage plant for apples opened Monday at Hemmingford
Monday saw Mr. Douglas Laurie in charge of the apple storage plant at Hemmingford. The new building has commanded much attention from the apple growers, and now they will all look with interest to its success. The storage plant has been built through the efforts of 16 apple growers who form the Hemmingford Fruit Growers Co-operative, and who in turn is affiliated with the co-operative Fédérée, Montreal. Apples picked in warm weather [can] be put in the cold storage plant within three hours of picking. The plant will give employment to 15 hands.

60 years ago
September 27, 1961
Ormstown 4-H Calf Club holds Miniature Ormstown Fair
Ormstown Fair grounds was the theatre of a fall fair when 49 members of the Ormstown 4-H calf club came out to compete for their achievement day, Saturday, September 23. There was a continual flow of calves, yearlings and 2-yr.-olds taking place in the barns from 9:30 to 11 a.m. and when the members were called out to take part in the judging competition ably handied by Allister McArthur, who was to judge all the classes shown that day. The judge had to work steady to judge 95 head consisting of 25 head of Ayrshire and 3 Jerseys and 67 Holsteins.

30 years ago
October 2, 1991
Out of Africa: lessons on language
Social unrest in the central African nation of Zaire forced Huntingdon native Cheryl (Welburn) Rouselle out of the country, but she says she’d rather be there than here. “We make big problems out of little issues,” she said. “Quebec’s language problems are so ridiculous … if one of our language activists went to a country like Zaire where people are starving, they would realize that there are things so much more important.” She says that several languages and African tribal dialects are spoken in Zaire such as the official language of French, Swahili, Lingala, and [some] English.

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