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From The Gleaner’s (Christmas) archives December 2021

150 years ago
Thursday, December 7, 1871
Dental notice
J.T. McPherson, L.D.S. late of Montreal, begs leave to announce to the people of Huntingdon and vicinity, that he has established an office in Mr. Shanks’ Block, in the Village of Huntingdon, where he may be found daily, until further notice, during the first Monday of each month, and the second Monday at Durham, by all requiring his professional services. Having availed himself of all modern improvements in the profession, he is prepared to perform all Dental operations in a satisfactory manner. Special attention given to the Filling, Cleaning, and Preservation of the natural Teeth. Artificial Teeth from one to an entire set inserted on any of the most approved bases.

120 years ago
Thursday, December 19, 1901
Hats for the holidays!
The most important part of every lady’s dress is her Hat or Bonnet. Many a handsome woman has her appearance spoiled by a badly trimmed hat. Why waste your money upon some worthless article when I can supply you with the best quality of goods at the most reasonable prices. Trimming artistically done in up-to-date style. My work speaks for itself. Call and see for yourself – Miss McGinnis.

90 years ago
Wednesday December 23, 1931
Lawrence Tibbett to sing over radio each week
After prolonged negotiations, a contract has been signed with Lawrence Tibbett by which the famous singer, distinguished as a great star in three fields – Metropolitan grand opera, talking pictures, and the concert stage – will appear regularly before the microphone on The Voice of Firestone program. This unprecedented event sets a new standard in radio entertainment, since Tibbett thus becomes the first Metropolitan star ever to contract for a sustained series of appearances on the air. Tibbett’s premier in his new role will be on Monday evening, January 4, at 8:30 o’clock and again at 11:30 eastern standard time.

60 years ago
December 20, 1961
Fire at Woolen Mills does little damage
A fire occurred at the Huntingdon Woolen Mills, on Monday afternoon starting about 1:45 p.m. in the picker room. The sprinkler system worked very well and was probably responsible in keeping the fire from reaching larger proportions and under immediate control. The firemen were called and responded with 18 men at the scene in short time. They were able to leave at about 2:40 p.m. when the fire was considered to be out and safe. The damage caused was very little insofar as actual fire was concerned, but smoke and water did much and there is no estimate of the actual amount. The smoke was very dense, and firemen had difficulty in locating the actual seat of the fire. About 500 feet of hose was used by firemen.

30 years ago
December 18, 1991
Silent night, northern lights
The aurora borealis was especially active recently as photographed during a two-minute time exposure looking northwest of Covey Hill. The magical phenomenon is created by solar flare activity and the earth’s electromagnetic field. While the heavenly spectacle is silent, it is awesome and occasionally very colourful. The northern lights are usually whitish or pale green, but many Valley residents witnessed a deep pink aurora last month.

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