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Funds, support, and a lot of groundwork for Carole Mallette

Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette has been busy since being elected to represent the vast Huntingdon riding last November.

The deputy reflected on her first year in office during an event in Saint-Chrysostome on November 15, noting she was particularly proud of the government’s financial investments in the region, the development of local infrastructure projects, and her presence on the ground. Around 35 individuals, including representatives from area municipalities, mayors, and members of local business associations and organizations listened attentively as she described her role as deputy and her many positions within the National Assembly.

In her first year, Mallette hosted 19 ministers on visits to the region. Over 200 organizations received some form of support from her office, while she personally attended more than 250 events, festivals, and meetings with community organizations. “We are working to ensure that ministers come to our region, so they are aware of the issues affecting us,” she said, noting this included funding announcements for much-needed projects, but also emergency situations such as visits to devastated farm fields that were inundated with rainwater this summer.


Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette presented a one year review of the work she and her team have accomplished in the riding since she was elected a year ago PHOTO Sarah Rennie


“Economic development is moving ahead here, and we are proud,” she said, while highlighting investments in agriculture, transport, tourism development, housing, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. She emphasized the importance of building relationships within the local business communities, and the work she has been doing with the different municipalities and community organizations to ensure she is connected to what is happening on the ground throughout the riding.

“It is important that we work as a team,” she insisted, while turning to the members of her own team. “I don’t do this alone,” she said, noting she and her team handled 295 files over this first year. “We have developed an exceptional network,” she added, before promising her satellite office in Sainte-Barbe would remain open for the remainder of 2023 before moving to a new location within the riding.

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