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Gala honours youth for work within the community

Over 75 Haut-Saint-Laurent youth between the ages of six and 24 were honoured during the 13th edition of the Rural Youth Gala, which took place at the Salle Communautaire in Saint-Chrysostome on May 30.

The Western- or country-themed evening celebrated the different nominees for their community involvement in six categories, highlighting their dedication (as individuals or as part of a group) to one of the following: volunteerism, caring for the environment, positive living habits, cultural activities, education or social perseverance, and demonstration of resilience and commitment despite challenges within their lives.

All nominees in each of the six categories received certificates of recognition for their hard work. Winners were selected by a jury, and over $6,000 were awarded during the evening.


The winner of the Petit JR award was presented to Alexandra Primeau during the Rural Youth Gala which took place in Saint Chrysostome on May 30 PHOTO Sarah Rennie


A total of 17 individuals or groups were nominated in the Volunteer Citizen Involvement category. Charlotte Lemouëllic was awarded first place, while Samuel Charette and Mathieu Cartier-Lefebvre were named in second and third place. The students in the Leadership and Community Engagement program in Grade 11 at École Arthur-Pigeon received an honourable mention.

Chateauguay Valley Regional High School swept the Cultural Action category, where the After-Hours Choir was awarded first place, followed by CVR student Katherine Woods, and the cast of the performing arts class of 2023-2024. An honourable mention was presented to Élodie Gagné.


Representatives from CVRs After Hours Choir and the Performing Arts Class were joined by Élodie Gagné as recipients of the awards in the Cultural Action category PHOTO Sarah Rennie


The students involved in the Jardins d’Arthur project at École Arthur-Pigeon received first place in the Environment category, while Jasper Peddie, Jack Nussey, Alexis Brais, and Zachary Lamarre were awarded second place for their work with the recycling program at Howick Elementary School.

Kyle Barany placed first in the Positive Living Habits category, followed by Francesca Njiba Mbiye, and Ashlyn Daoust.

There were 15 nominees in the School or Social Perseverance category, which was won by Karine Pineault, followed by Jade Chamberland-Rozon, and Alexie Barnabé. Sarah-Sue Dagenais was also presented with an honourable mention.


Sabrina Robidoux the recreation technician at École Arthur Pigeon was named the Intervenante or support worker of the year during the gala PHOTO Sarah Rennie


Finally, an impressive 18 youth were among the nominees in the Resilience and Commitment in One’s Life Course category. Rémy Lacoste-Thériault was awarded first place, while Wesley Zawislak was named in second position, followed by Rachel Vaincourt Seguin in third. William Lapierre received an honourable mention in this category.

To end the evening, the Petit JR award, which is presented to the most inspiring young person of the year, was presented to Alexandra Primeau. And, new this year, was the award for the support worker of the year, which was presented to École Arthur-Pigeon’s Sabrina Robidoux.

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