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Garderie préscolaire Des Petits Pieds opens new daycare in Huntingdon

A new daycare centre accommodating up to 80 children opened its doors in Huntingdon on August 7.

Located in the heart of the new housing and commercial development, the new installation is the fourth private daycare centre to be opened as part of the Garderie préscolaire Des Petits Pieds chain run by co-owners and sisters Anny and Dominique Dubois. Two of the other centres are in Valleyfield, and a third was opened just last year in Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague.

While touring the new facility with Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette on July 31, Huntingdon mayor André Brunette noted that with 1000 new homes being built in Huntingdon over the next few years, the bilingual daycare responds to an immediate need for childcare in the area. In fact, registration for all 80 of the available spaces, including room for up to 20 babies in the nursery, was completely booked by last December.


Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette and Huntingdons mayor André Brunette toured the new Garderie Préscolaire Des Petits Pieds on July 31 during the inauguration of the daycare PHOTO Fiona McKellar


During their visit, Mallette spoke with the owners about the importance of quality childcare in the region and the government’s efforts to quickly respond to the growing demand. According to co-owner Anny Dubois, the government approved the request to build the centre in January 2022, and the permit to open was obtained this July 21, ahead of schedule.

Dubois currently lives in Beauharnois, but previously worked in Huntingdon. She says she remembers the town in the days following the closure of the textile mills and is happy to see it developing once again. “We are also proud, because we are creating jobs in the region,” she explains, noting the daycare includes around 20 employees.

“This will also allow more parents to work, which will help improve the local economy,” Dubois says, adding that she is looking forward to meeting and working with local families.

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