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Give your pups a vacation, too!

La Tanière à Lou is a “doggy daycare” in Godmanchester that is ready to host your dogs this summer. Serving as both a boarding option for dogs and a dog rescue, it hosts dogs for a day or for multiple days at a time, depending on the needs of the owner.

Louise Clément, owner of La Tanière à Lou, says, “I’ve always been a dog maniac. I’ve had dogs my whole life.” She says that from the age of six, she loved being around the animals and used to take care of dogs in her neighbourhood. Right now, Clément explains that it is the quiet season, and she is hosting about 10 dogs per day. However, in the busy season, there are about 30 dogs running around every day.

On top of the boarding, the facility also takes in dogs that have been abandoned and tries to find them new homes. Unfortunately, many people abandon dogs for various reasons, especially older folks who must move, but Clement is always happy to take dogs in. That said, cases involving neglect and abuse can be extremely difficult and emotional. She shares that it’s important to take in these animals without showing judgment, to ensure that the surrender of the dogs goes well so that they end up in a safer situation.

In order to be housed by La Tanière à Lou, a dog must have all vaccinations and be treated for ticks and fleas. To book a spot, clients can message the Facebook page, La Tanière à Lou; however, Clément always does a phone call with new clients to make sure it’s a good fit and so she can get a feel for the situation. “I love getting to know the people,” she says. She also takes down all the dog’s individual needs. For her, a highlight of the job is “when people can leave happily, and they return and see that their dog was well taken care of.” Throughout people’s vacations, she sends updates to make sure they know that their dogs are getting lots of love.


Dogs can enjoy a stay away from home this summer at La Tanière à Lou in Godmanchester PHOTO La Tanière à Lou


Clément has a lot of experience working in this field, as she used to work with various SPCAs. When dogs with behaviour issues came to the SPCA, she would house them and train them until they were ready to find a forever homes. These dogs were always welcome to stay with her as long as they needed to, especially since many of them came from neglectful homes.

If you’re hoping to adopt a dog, Clément recommends that you adopt a type that suits your living situation. “So many people adopt for beauty, but my number-one tip is, don’t adopt for beauty. Adopt for your style of life.” Australian shepherds suffer most from this: people adopt them for their looks without realizing how active they are, and then give them up.

La Tanière à Lou’s employees are all certified in pet first aid, and there is always a dog handler present. Clément says, “They all have a passion for dogs, and this is not just a job for them.” Working with dogs means that every day is a little bit different. There is never a dull moment, and Clément jokes that “There’s a lot of laughter, taking care of dogs.”

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