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Havelock Fair results 2023

1. Chevaux lourds/Draft Horses Division

Section 1A: Theo Leimgenber

Section 1B: Dustin Sheer

2. Cheval Miniature Horses

Section 1, Halter mare miniature horse: Elizabeth Fafard

Section 2, Halter stallion and gelding miniature horse: Elyse Chicoine

Section 3, Halter mare pony: Vicky Cayer Miousse

Section 4, Jumping pony (Adult): Sophie Coderre

Section 5, Showmanship mini and pony (Junior): Elizabeth Fafard

Section 6, Trail class mini and pony (Adult): Emilie Archambault

Section 6, Trail class mini and pony (Junior): Lily Campbell

Section 7, Showmanship miniature and pony (Adult): Elyse Chicoine

Section 8, Jumping class mini: Elyse Chicoine

Section 9, Long rein mini and pony: Lily Campbell

3A. Dairy Cattle: Ayrshire

Section 2, Intermediate born December 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023: Madison Peddie

Section 3, Senior Heifer born September 1st, 2022 to November 30th, 2022: Peyton Brown

Section 4, Summer Yearling Born June 1st, 2022 to August 31st, 2022: Melissa Sylvestre (Champion)

Section 10, Breeder’s herd – 3 animals bred and owned by exhibitor: Melissa Sylvestre

3B. Dairy Cattle: Holstein

Section 1, Junior Heifer born March 1st, 2023 to May 31st, 2023: Lilyrose Loiselle

Section 2, Intermediate Heifer born December 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023: Murray Bryson (Champion)

Section 3, Senior Heifer born September 1st, 2022 to November 30th, 2022: Rylee L’Ecuyer

Section 5, Junior Yearling Heifer Born between March 1st, 2022 and May 31st, 2022: Keith Quinn

Section 10, Breeder’s herd – 3 animals bred and owned by exhibitor: Bryhill Farm

3C. Dairy Cattle: Jersey

Section 1, Junior Heifer born March 1st, 2023 to May 31st, 2023: Eva Sundborg

Section 4, Summer Yearling Heifer Born June 1st, 2022 to August 31st, 2022: Saydie Sundborg

Section 5, Junior Yearling Heifer Born between March 1st, 2022 and May 31st, 2022: Maeve McIntyre (Champion & interbreed champion)

3D. Dairy Cattle: Canadians

Section 1, Juniors born March 1st, 2023 to May 31st, 2023: Preston Mason (Champion)

Section 2, Intermediate born December 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023: Cosette Mason

Section 4, Summer Yearling Born June 1st, 2022 to August 31st, 2022: Spencer Mason

Section 10, Breeder’s herd – 3 animals bred and owned by exhibitor: Bonnieglen Farm

6. Purebred Beef Cattle

Section 1, Bull calf, junior Born January 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2023: Ruth Robinson

Section 4, Bull 1 year old, senior Born January 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2022: Ruth Robinson

Section 5, Bull 2 year old and over Born before April 1st, 2021: Ruth Robinson

Section 7, Heifer calf, senior Born between April 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022: Ruth Robinson

Section 8, Heifer, 1 year old Born between April 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022: Ruth Robinson

Section 9, Heifer, 1 year old senior Born between April 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021: Ruth Robinson

Section 11, Mature female: Ruth Robinson

Section 12, Breeder’s herd: 1 bull and 3 females owned by exhibitor: Ruth Robinson

7. Heritage Livestock

Section 6, Heifer calf, junior Born between January 1st, 2023 and March 31st, 2023: Elwood Quinn

Section 7, Heifer calf, senior Born between April 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022: Elwood Quinn

12. Purebred Swine

Purebred Swine, Section 1, Young boar under 6 months: Joey Ruck

Purebred Swine, Section 2, Young sow, under 6 months: Joey Ruck

16. Fruits

Section 6, Cortland: Eric Ness

Section 9, Empire: Clayton Patterson

Section 11, Gala: Clayton Patterson

Section 12, Honeycrisp: Clayton Patterson

Section 14, Heritage varietes: Eric Ness

Section 15, Crabapples: Eric Ness

Section 22, Mclntosh tray (6 apples): Clayton Patterson

Section 23, Cortland tray (6 apples): Clayton Patterson

Section 24, Lobo tray (6 apples): Clayton Patterson

Section 25, Spartan tray (6 apples): Clayton Patterson

Section 30, Plums – Ten (10) any variety: Carmen Porter

Section 31, Plums – Collection, 3 varieties (5 each): Carmen Porter

Section 32, Grapes – 3 bunches, blue: Real Thibert

Section 33, Grapes – 3 bunches, white: Real Thibert

Section 34, Pears – Best plate of five (5): Gregory Bohemen

Section 36, Other – Raspberries (10): Kyla Stacey

Section 37, Other – Any other Berry (10): Real Thibert

17. Vegetables

Section 1, Beans, pole, 10: Monique Lussier

Section 2, Beans, yellow snap, 10: Monique Lussier

Section 3, Beans, green snap, 10: Anna Seguin

Section 5, Beans any other variety, 1O: Catherine Stratford

Section 6, Beets, table, large, 5 (2″ stems): Despina Caravias

Section 8, Beets, table, small, 5 (2″ stems): Annie Montcalm

Section 11, Cabbage, red, 2: Hélène Bolduc

Section 13, Carrots, long, 6″ and more, 5 (2 ‘ stems): Jill Milne

Section 14, Carrots, short, 6″ or less, 5 (2″ stems): Annie Montcalm

Section 19, Cucumber, China Long, 2: Jenny Carrigan

Section 20, Cucumber, green, 3: Real Thibert

Section 21, Cucumber, ripe, green, 3: Monique Lussier

Section 23, Cucumber, pickling, 10: Real Thibert

Section 27, Eggplant, 1: Anna Seguin

Section 28, Jalapenos, 3: Chelsea Daniel

Section 29, Leeks,3: Anna Seguin

Section 30, Melons, Musk, 1: Jenny Carrigan

Section 33, Onions, Spanish, 5 (unpeeled): Anna Seguin

Section 34, Onions, red, 5 (unpeeled): Real Thibert

Section 35, Onions, yellow or white, 5 3″ or more (unpeeled): Real Thibert

Section 37, Onions, pickling, 1 pint not over 1″ in diameter (unpeeled): Real Thibert

Section 38, Garlic, braided, 12: Sylvie Lussier

Section 39, Parsnips, table, 5: Carol Gribbin

Section 40, Peppers, green, 3: Carol Gribbin

Section 41, Peppers, red, 3: Real Thibert

Section 43, Peppers, same variety, 5, 5 different colours: Sophie Coderre

Section 44, Peppers, any other, 3: Leanne Pelletier

Section 45, Pumpkin, table, 2, not to exceed 8″ in diameter: Eric Ness

Section 46, Pumpkins, field, 2: Despina Caravias

Section 48, Squash, Acorn or Pepper, 1: Carolyn Freeman

Section 49, Squash, Butternut, 1: Despina Caravias

Section 50, Squash, Crooked neck, 1: Monique Lussier

Section 51, Squash, Hubbard Golden, 1: Despina Caravias

Section 52, Squash, Hubbard Green, 1: Douglas McAdam

Section 53, Squash, Spaghetti, 1: Sophie Coderre

Section 54, Squash, Zucchini, 12″ or less,1: Robert Mason

Section 55, Squash, Zucchini, 12″ or more,1: Sophie Coderre

Section 56, Squash, any other, 1: Sophie Coderre

Section 57, Tomatoes table, with stems attached, 5: Annie Montcalm

Section 58, Tomatoes cherry, AOV, 5: Louise Dupras

Section 59, Tomatoes, cooking, with stems attached, 5: Sophie Coderre

Section 60, Beefheart tomatoes with stems attached, 5: Sophie Coderre

Section 61, Tomatoes, yellow 5: Lucie Dupras

Section 62, Tomatoes, cherry, 10: Monique Lussier

Section 63, Tomatoes, cherry Yellow, 10: Sophie Coderre

Section 64, Tomatoes, green, 5: Sophie Coderre

Section 65, Tomatoes on the vine: Gregory Bohemen

Section 66, Tomatoes, of the same kind: Patricia Healey

Section 67, Giant tomato: Lucie Dupras

Section 68, Khol-Rabi, 2: Sophie Coderre

Section 70, Potato, Irish Cobbler, 4L baskets: Real Thibert

Section 73, Potato, Red, 4L baskets: Annie Montcalm

Section 74, Potato, Yellow Flesh, 4L baskets: Despina Caravias

Section 76, Sweet Potato, 3: Allyson Orr

Section 77, Potato, any other kind: Harley Sproule

Section 78, Garden Freak, natural state clean: Real Thibert

Section 80, Potato, 3 varieties, 4L basket of each variety: Real Thibert

Section 81, Best display of vegetables 2′ x 4′ (10 vegetables, 2 of each): Marie-Soleil Thibodeau

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 10, Best display of vegetables 2′ × 2′ (10 vegetables, 2 each): Sophie Coderre

18. Forage Crops

Section 3, Mixed hay: Robert Campbell

Section 4, Grass Hay – 100%: Robert Campbell

Section 5, Corn, Grain, 5 ears: Spencer Mason

Section 10, Corn Silage: Douglas McAdam

Section 12, Balage: Douglas McAdam

Section 14, Sunflower, 8″ diameter and under, 1: Real Thibert

Section 15, Sunflower, 8″ diameter and over, 1: Preston Mason

Section 16, Soya Beans with stalk, 3: Maurene O’Farrell

Section 19, Gourds, mixed ornamental (5): Douglas McAdam

Section 22, Scarecrow: Chelsea Daniel

Section 12, Scarecrow: Charlie Jeuris

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 12, Scarecrow: Wyatt Creswell

19. Maple Products & Honey

Section 1, Maple syrup, golden: Jackson Daniel

Section 2, Maple syrup, amber: Lori Carroll

Maple Products & Honey, Section 3, Maple syrup, dark: Kyla Stacey

Section 7, Maple sugar (crumb), 250g jar: Lori Carroll

Section 9, Strained honey: Carmen Porter

Section 10, Strained white honey: Meredith Moore

20. Cut Flowers

1st prize sponsored by / Premier prix commandité par : “Valley Garden Club”

Section 1, Asters, best display: Kathy McAdam

Section 2, Dahlias 6 small blooms: Carmen Porter

Section 3, Dahlias Best collection display: Nathalie Bossé

Section 4, Gladioli Best display, suitable foliage, not to exceed 12 spikes: Nathalie Bossé

Section 8, Marigolds African, 6 blooms: Julie Maltby

Section 9, Marigolds French, 6 blooms: Catherine Stratford

Section 10, Petunias, Single, 6 blooms: Carmen Potter

Section 11, Pansies, Best display: Carmen Potter

Section 12, Zinnias Large, 6 blooms: Carmen Potter

Section 13, Zinnias Small, 6 blooms: Carmen Potter

Section 14, Cosmos, best display: Carmen Potter

Section 15, Hand bouquet garden flowers: Nathalie Bossé

Section 16, Arrangement, annuals not more than 12 stems: Brianna Orr

Section 17, Arrangement, perennials not more than 12 stems: Lucie Dupras

Section 18, Arrangement, Wild flowers: Carmen Potter

Section 19, Arrangement,cut flowers not more than 12 varieties: Nathalie Bossé

Section 20, Display of roses: Dorothy Mays

Section 21, Floral table decoration (center piece with candles): Nathalie Bossé

Intermediate class, Section 2, Flower arrangement in a boot: Mary Jane Whyte

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 1, Bouquet of garden flowers: Kiera Whyte

Section 2, Flower arrangement in a boot: Malcom Ness

Section 3, Flower arrangement in a hand made vase: Liara Ness

Section 5, Herb garden (min. 3 varieties): Malcom Ness

Section 6, Cactus: Malcom Ness

Section 8, Any other plant: Liana Ness

21. Potted Plants

Section 3, Begonias, Wax: Wayne English

Section 6, Coleus: Lucie Dupras

Section 7, Ferns Any variety: Carolyn Marlin

Section 8, Cacti, succulent: Greg Bohemen

Section 9, Any flowering plant: Denis Fessier

Section 10, Any other foliage plant: Lori Carroll

Section 12, Unusual plant: Meredith Moore

Section 13, Potted herbs: Wayne English

Section 14, Potted plants in container for outdoor patio, etc.: Wayne English

22. Bread & Pastry

Section 1, Homemade rolls, white, 1 pan: Despina Caravias

Section 3, Homemade white bread, (yeast): Carolyn Freeman

Section 5, Raisin bread (yeast): Carolyn Freeman

Section 6, Bread any other (yeast: Katie Millette

Section 7, Bread (Sourdough any kind): Melanie Normandeau

Section 8, Coffee cake: Carolyn Freeman

Section 9, Zucchini bread: Melanie Normandeau

Section 10, Quick bread, nut bread, etc: Stephanie McAdam

Section 11, Banana bread: Julie Maltby

Section 13, Muffins (6), 1 variety: Carolyn Freeman

Section 14, Chocolate cake, iced: Cathy McAdam

Section 17, Cake any other, iced: Cathy McAdam

Section 18, Plate of drop cookies (6), 1 variety: Jennifer Jackson

Section 19, Plate of pressed cookies (6): Stephanie McAdam

Section 20, Plate of squares (6), 1 variety: Lori Carroll

Section 21, Scones (6): Danielle Gribbin

Section 23, Shortbread (6): Judy Campbell

Section 24, Apple pie, 1 crust: Carol Gribbin

Section 25, Apple pie, 2 crusts: Carmel Laplante

Section 27, Lemon pie: Carolyn Freeman

Section 36, Maple syrup pie: Carmel Laplante

Section 37, Pie – Any other: Carmel Laplante

Section 38, Fancy decorated Cake: Carmel Laplante

Intermediate class, Section 27, Chocolate cake, iced: Maryjane Whyte

Section 33, Brownies, iced, 6: Sarah Werenchuck

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 27, Chocolate cake, lced: Jasmin Whyte

Section 29, Drop cookies (6) 1 variety: Clara Aboud-Daigle

Section 30, Plate of squares (6) 1 variety: Henri Aboud-Daigle

Section 31, Muffins (6), any kind: Liara Ness

Section 34, Fancy decorated cup cake: Lili Dunn

Section 37, Creative fun food: Kiera Whyte

23. Preserves & Pickles

Section 1, Zucchini relish: Anna Seguin

Section 2, Sweet green relish: Judy Campbell

Section 3, Ripe tomato relish: Louise Dupras

Section 5, Ripe cucumber pickle, sweet:  Anne Healey

Section 6, Zucchini pickle: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 7, Green tomato mincemeat: Jenny Carrigan

Section 8, Dill pickles: Jenny Carrigan

Section 9, Pickled, any other: Sophie Coderre

Section 11, Pickled beets: Louise Dupras

Section 12, Bread & Butter pickles: Douglas McAdam

Section 14, Chili sauce: Christina Loyer

Section 15, Salsa: Lori Carroll

Section 18, Canned tomatoes: Judy Campbell

Section 21, Salad dressing: Dianne Eastwood

Section 22, Pesto: Catherine Stratford

Section 24, Preserved sour cherries: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 27, Preserved raspberries: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 30, Preserved plums: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 31, Preserved (any other): Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 33, Crabapple jelly: Wendy Whyte

Section 36, Plum jelly: Pamela Leger

Section 37, Red currant jelly: Jennifer Jackson

Section 38, Blueberry jelly: Cathy McAdam

Section 41, Savoury jelly:  Louise Dupras

Section 42, Grape jam: Pamela Leger

Section 43, Peach jam: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 44, Raspberry jam: Allyson Orr

Section 45, Strawberry jam: Jenny Carrigan

Section 46, Plum jam: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 48, Blueberry jam: Judy Campbell

Section 50, Rhubarb conserve: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 51, Peach marmalade: Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 52, Orange marmalade: Pamela Leger

Section 53, Three fruit marmalade: Catherine Stratford

Section 54, Zucchini marmalade:  Jean Sproule-Leger

Section 55, Applesauce (mason jars): Dianne Eastwood

Section 56, Peach jam, freezer: Anna Seguin

Section 57, Strawberry jam, freezer: Judy Campbell

Section 58, Raspberry jam, freezer: Anna Seguin

24. Quilting

Section 1, Pieced quilt, hand-quilted considered: Amy Tolhurst

Section 2, Pieced quilt, machine quilted:  Andrea Cloutier

Section 5, Any quilted item: Andrea Cloutier

Section 7, Quilt for crib, hand quilted: Denise Tremblay

Section 10, Quilt top pieced: Kyla Stace

Section 13, Quilt blocks, pieced: Melanie Normandeau

25. Crocheting

Section 1, Baby or child clothing:  Danielle Gribbin

Section 21, Dolls / Amigurumi: Doreen Whyte

26. Knitting

Section 7, Cardigan, fine wool: Amanda Carrigan

Section 11, Shawl fine wool: Louise Picard

Section 14, Poncho: Sharon Normandeau

Section 16, Infant clothing: Despina Caravias

Section 17, Child’s scarf or neckwear: Sharon Normandeau

Section 21, Child’s slippers: Zita Burt

Section 22, Child’s mitten: Zita Burt

Section 23, Socks, fine: Louise Picard

Section 24, Socks, heavy: Louise Picard

Section 25, Mittens, adults: Louise Picard

Section 26, Slippers, adults: Zita Burt

Section 27, Headgear: Louise Picard

Section 28, Scarf, large: Louise Picard

Section 30, Cowl: Doreen Whyte

Section 31, Fingerless gloves or mitts: Amanda Carrigan

Section 33, Socks, fancy design: Louise Picard

Section 37, Any miscellaneous, Large: Jenny Carrigan

Section 38, Any miscellaneous small: Carol Gribbin

Intermediate class, Section 14, Crocheted article: Olivia Kingsbury

Section 18, Handmade costume: Keira Brown

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 15, Amigurumi / Stuffed toy: Grace Dunn

Section 16, Decorated article of clothing: Malcolm Ness

Section 19, Candle – any kind:  Kiera Whyte

Section 20, Handmade jewelery: Kiera Whyte

Section 21, Article made from nature: Liara Ness

Section 22, Article made from Lego (less than 10″): Malcolm Ness

Section 23, Creature made from Playdoh: Malcolm Ness

Section 24, Windchime: Kiera Whyte

Section 26, Any miscellaneous article: Malcolm Ness

27. Embroidery

Section 1, Needlepoint, any article: Sharon Normandeau

Section 2, Cross stitch, any article: Doreen Whyte

Section 3, Embroidered picture, any size: Sharon Normandeau

Section 4, Embroidery, any article: Sharon Normandeau

29. Handicrafts

Section 1, Purse or Handbag:  Andrea Cloutier

Section 2, Kitchen apron, sewn: Zita Burt

Section 3, Pyjamas or nightgown:  Zita Burt

Section 4, Placemats, 2: Denise Tremblay

Section 5, Table Runner: Andrea Cloutier

Section 6, Article made of recycled material: Andrea Cloutier

Section 7, Christmas tree ornament: Andrea Cloutier

Section 8, Christmas decoration: Anne Healey

Section 9, Seasonal door decoration: Vanessa Cousins-Lussier

Section 10, Scrapbooking: Jill Milne

Section 11, Any woven article, small: Carmen Porter

Section 12, Any woven article, large: Zita Burt

Section 13, Rug hooking, small: Judi Roe

Section 14, Rug hooking, large:  Heather Wright

Section 15, Rug of any kind: Jenny Carrigan

Section 17, Handmade costume: Chelsea Daniel

Section 19, 3 different articles of handicraft: Zita Burt

Section 20, Any miscellaneous article: Chelsea Daniel

Section 22, Sewn article, small: Louise Picard

Section 23, Sewn article, large: Andrea Cloutier

30. Art

Section 1, Watercolour: Melanie Normandeau

Section 2, Acrylic: Nadeana Tannahill

Section 3, Oil: Nadeana Tannahill

Section 4, Pastel, graphite, or charcoal: Nicole Bergeron

Section 5, Mixed Media: Nadeana Tannahill

Section 6, Photo, 8 × 10, Multigeneration: Carmen Porter

Section 7, Photo, 8 × 10, Animal: Carmen Porter

Section 8, Photo, 8 × 10, Children: Carmen Porter

Section 9, Photo, 8 × 10, Agricultural Life: Rick Krohn

Section 10, Greeting card (original or print): Dianne Eastwood

Section 11, Painted rock: Carmen Porter

Section 12, Carved Wooden Article: Denis Tessier

Section 13, Handmade wooden article: Eric Ness

Section 14, Painted Wooden Article: Nadeana Tannahill

Section 15, Upcycled wooden item: Anne Healey

Section 16, Pottery, cup: Dianne Eastwood

Intermediate class, Section 39, Watercolour: Kennedy Peddie

Section 40, Acrylic: Keira Brown

Section 42, Pastel, graphite, or charcoal: Olivia Kingsbury

Section 43, Mixed media: Keira Brown

Section 49, Painted rock: Mackenzie Peddie

Section 52, Painted wood articl: Olivia Kingsbury / Kennedy Peddie

Junior – 12 years of age and under, Section 39, Watercolour: Gabrielle Lalonde

Section 40, Acrylic: Jasper Peddie

Section 42, Pastel, graphite, or charcoal: Gabrielle Lalonde

Section 43, Mixed Media: Gabrielle Lalonde

Section 47, Photo, 8 × 10, Agricultural Life: Jackson Daniel

Section 48, Greeting card (original or print): Gabrielle Lalonde

Section 49, Painted rock: Jackson Daniel

Section 52, Painted wood article:  Ingrid Stairs

Section 53, Upcycled wooden item: Malcolm Ness

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