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Hemmingford hosts Winter Classic hockey

On February 26, Dek Hemmingford Hockey will be hosting the first ever Winter Classic in Hemmingford. The day will start at 11 a.m. with a junior hockey game, followed by an adult tournament starting at noon. In between, there will be a centre-ice shot competition. On top of that, an MVP will be selected from each team and prizes will be given out.

The event is being organized by Dek Hemmingford’s Devon Watt and Veronique Laramee-Paquette. The original date for this event was February 19; however, due to the weather, it was postponed. Watt says the new date’s weather is “calling for temperatures in the ‘minuses’ – much more convenient for outdoor hockey!”

Watt explains that “Our goal is to get as many participants out as possible – players and spectators – to partake.” If you’re not a hockey player, don’t worry. She explains that “For those not playing, we will have an outdoor fire to keep warm, taffy on snow, a DJ for entertainment, we’ll be selling hot dogs, and giving out marshmallows to roast!”

After a couple years of isolation due to the pandemic, events like this are very important to both Watt and Laramee-Paquette. Watt says they are “big believers in building a community that can count on each other, grow with each other, and support each other.” Both benefitted from community and feel it is their turn to give back and provide those same spaces to the new generation. “By hosting these events, we foster an environment where we can create a sense of belonging and togetherness across all generations: from younger kids who participate themselves, parents who watch and participate, and older generations who are beloved in our community,” she says.

Registration for this event is open now! Anyone who is interested in playing can register by emailing The cost is $5 per player. All of the proceeds from this event will be given to sports and community programs in Hemmingford.

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