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Hemmingford Royal Canadian Legion hosts VE Day ceremony

On Monday, May 8, 135 students from both Hemmingford Elementary School and École Saint Romain gathered at the cenotaph in Hemmingford to celebrate Victory in Europe Day (VE Day).

It was a lovely day for all, as the students huddled together on the lawn under the warm sun enjoying a feast of hot dogs and refreshments. While it might not be a holiday that all Canadians observe, VE Day holds considerable sway with our friends overseas. To honour the tradition that officially falls on May 8, Hemmingford’s Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 244) has been celebrating the holiday since 1998.

The aim is to remind our students of the day that marked the end of WWII in Europe, and to remind everyone of the suffering and casualties that Canadian servicemen and women endured. Hemmingford Legion members and our citizens will continue, as in past years, to conduct a memorial service to honour the 45,000 Canadian servicemen and women killed during World War II and to honour our Veterans with a ceremony marking this special occasion that took place 78 years ago.


A gathering of people in a residential area backyard for VE day event. Three men are in camouflage attire.
Soldiers attending a VE Day ceremony in Hemmingford were a big hit with the young students After having devoured two or three hot dogs each some more some less the students thanked everyone and headed back to school with full tummies and broad smiles PHOTO Hemmingford Royal Canadian Legion


The masters of ceremony, Karl Kramell and Gaby Giroux, conducted the observance with six soldiers from the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) who acted as the colour party. Father Lanthier recited the prayers, and pipers Wanda Goundry and Melanie Roberge marched the students from their respective schools to the cenotaph and played the lament. Mayor Drew Somerville, with Lucien Bouchard and Karl Kramell as escort, laid the wreath.

Following the ceremony, all the students went to the yard of the Legion Hall where branch president, Robert Brown, and first lady, Lise Brown, along with their team, awaited them to serve hot dogs and drinks. 370 hot dogs were served!
Submitted by the Hemmingford Legion

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