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Housing crisis: an awareness campaign for the Haut-Saint-Laurent

To help mitigate the impact of the housing crisis, the Table logement du Haut-Saint-Laurent (TLHSL) is launching an awareness campaign entitled “Before you tell your landlord you’re moving: Think twice!”.

The campaign is the first step in an action plan being implemented to inform households as they search for new homes in preparation for next July 1, and throughout the year.

“Collectively, tenants have influence,” says Anyze Goyette, a community organizer with the Direction des Programmes Jeunesses et des Activités de Santé publique at the CLSC in Huntingdon, and member of the TLHSL.

In a press release issued by the TLHSL, Goyette points out that the housing crisis is hitting hard across the region. This is why it is important to find another place to live, or at least find out about available housing stock, before informing a landlord that you intend to leave.

“If you leave, will you be able to find a place to live? Will it be to your taste? Will it meet your needs? Will the price be right for you?” says Goyette, while highlighting the importance of considering housing shortages, hidden discrimination, the lack of social and affordable housing, the rapid rise in the cost of housing between two moves, and the availability of clean, well-maintained, and safe affordable housing options.

The TLHSL is also reminding tenants they are obliged to give landlords a notice of non-renewal at least three months before the lease expires, and the importance of starting their search for a new home quickly.

Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help guide tenants looking for new housing, including the Comité logement de Beauharnois, which serves the Haut-Saint-Laurent region. Tenants will be able to learn about the current housing situation, their rights, how to terminate a lease, assistance available to low-income households, and the new procedures recently introduced by the government.

The Comité can be reached year-round at 450-429-3000, or by email at (SR)

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