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Huntingdon MNA salutes The Gleaner’s 160th anniversary

MNA Carole Mallette wearing a white shirt and jacket, reading from a piece of paper standing at a podium in the National Assembly in Quebec City.
PHOTO The office of Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallett

Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette stood in the National Assembly in Quebec City on March 23 to deliver a one-minute speech on the significance of The Gleaner to the Chateauguay Valley community over the past 160 years.

“This non-profit, bilingual, community-based publication, which has been present in our riding since 1863, deserves to be recognized for its professionalism and for the dedication of its staff in keeping us informed with quality articles,” she said, to rousing applause from her colleagues.

“The Gleaner brings the community together through relevant and exclusive articles on the cultural, social, and economic life of our region,” she continued, while pointing out the bilingual nature of the newspaper helps to build connections between our linguistic communities.

Mallette thanked all those involved with the newspaper’s production, from the editorial staff and journalists to the production, advertisement, and marketing team. She finished her brief but very much appreciated speech by highlighting The Gleaner’s 160th anniversary happening this year, and by wishing The Gleaner many more years as part of the Valley community. (SR)

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