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Huntingdon Scouts set sights on Scottish Jamborette

Six members of the 1st Huntingdon Scouts have a Scottish adventure in their sights for this coming summer: they will be attending the 38th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette in Blair Atholl in July. Samantha Buermans, Makayla Krause, Daniel Roberge, Michael Wallace, Alastair Watson, and Olive Watson will camp at Blair Atholl in Perthshire (in central Scotland) this summer, with some 500 Scottish Scouts as well as a similar contingent of Scouts from overseas.


A half-dozen Scouts from Huntingdon are planning and fundraising for a trip to a Scottish Jamborette this July. Front row, from left: Olive Watson (15) and Samantha Beurmans (17). Back row: Alastair Watson (14), Michael Wallace (15), Daniel Roberge (15), and Makayla Krause (15).  PHOTO Chantal Hortop


The event is held once every two years, though the 2020 event was understandably cancelled. It will be the first time any of these Scouts will attend the event. Krause explained that while they have done plenty of Scouting activities, they have “never done one that is worldwide.”

When asked about the aspects of the trip they were looking forward to, the Huntingdon Scouts spoke enthusiastically about Scottish culture and the chance to meet Scouts from abroad. Roberge was quick to note he was looking forward to seeing “all the castles,” with other members jumping in to add that they would be visiting the castle where the Harry Potter films were shot. Wallace noted that it would be “interesting to see the heritage of most of the Valley.”


With an expected 500 Scottish Scouts and a similar number of international members, the Jamborette is shaping up to be a large and exciting gathering.  PHOTO


While there are many things to look forward to, the Scouts know they have work to do between now and then: there are funds to be raised to cover the costs of the trip, approximately $3000 per Scout. They have planned a weekend working at Quinn Farm, a flower flats fundraiser, a hot cross buns sale, and will be selling grillades at events around the Valley this summer. A GoFundMe campaign is also being discussed.

Enthusiasm for the fundraising task will surely be plentiful, with all there is to look forward to; Wallace mentioned “meeting new people in Scotland [and] new friendships,” and of course “introducing Scottish people to maple syrup!”

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