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Huntingdon to annex a part of Hinchinbrooke

The town of Huntingdon is annexing a small parcel of land from the municipality of Hinchinbrooke to increase its industrial development.

A bylaw was adopted during a special council meeting on April 11 in Huntingdon to extend the limits of the town by annexing 58,031.8 square metres of lot number 5 266 128, which is currently owned by the town but is partially located in Hinchinbrooke.

According to the resolution, Huntingdon had previously annexed a section of this same lot, where the parcel of land now being claimed was not included. The town is now annexing the remainder of the lot to further its industrial development along Route 202.

The parcel of land is currently a vacant lot with no municipal services that does not generate any revenue or expenses for either municipality.

“The procedure to annex is somewhat complex and can take an average of one year,” says Huntingdon mayor André Brunette. “Many steps are ongoing, and going well,” he noted, including the necessary approvals.

According to Hinchinbrooke’s director general, Adam Antonopoulous, the municipality of Hinchinbrooke has consented to the annexation of the parcel of land. The regional council of mayors also approved of the change during its most recent meeting in May.

All the necessary documents have now been sent to the government for study and final approval, confirms Brunette, who says there is interest in the new industrial area.

The town is currently speaking with three companies interested in establishing their head offices and businesses in Huntingdon. Brunette says negotiations are well advanced and the town is preparing for their arrival in 2024. “This is a plus for us,” exclaims Brunette, who says the companies could add an additional 40 to 50 jobs to the local economy.

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