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Leadership program wins Desjardins prize

The leadership and community engagement program at École Arthur-Pigeon was recently awarded $3000 from Desjardins. The money was presented to the Secondary III class as the winners of the Desjardins Foundation Prize “Accepter la difference.”
The leadership program’s goal is to encourage relationships and exchanges between students at school and with the community through a variety of entrepreneurial projects, volunteering, and mentoring.

In this vein, the money will be used to help students in the regular stream and the adapted stream to understand their individual realities at school by doing joint activities. “It’s sort of like an awareness campaign to open their eyes to how others experience school,” says Maud Laberge Montpetit, program coordinator and teacher.

The idea was born from a meeting and discussions between Laberge-Montpetit and two teachers from the adapted stream, Stéphanie Lefebvre and Sabrina Côté. The first phase of the project will have students do research about a variety of learning problems such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and language delays, and present them to the school in a format of their choosing: video or audio clips, comic strips, posters, or flyers.

The trio of teachers is also planning to use some of the $3000 for a group outing for the three classes at the end of the school year to continue to develop the relationships between the students.

The ultimate goal is to encourage the inclusion of all students at school. “The first step to inclusion is understanding,” says Laberge Montpetit, “and that understanding helps foster a safe and healthy learning environment for all, which is the most important thing.”

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