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Letter to the editor: Grosbeaks in Franklin

My experience with evening grosbeaks is much like that of Lorelei Muller (Gleaner, January 25 25).  When I first came to Franklin Centre in the winter of 1973-74, evening grosbeaks were so regular and numerous at the feeler as to almost be pests.  Years passed and the visits diminished, almost precipitously. Seasons would pass and I would see not one, or occasionally one or two might show up for a single day, causing me much joy, but then moving on. This year, things changed. One day in early winter I saw a goodly little group of them at my feeder (black sunflower seeds on platform). I quickly snapped a picture of them and put it on Facebook, believing that was it for the season. But they showed up again the next day. And the day after that, more numerous than before. Now they are regulars and I think they have installed themselves nearby, figuring this is as good a place as any to winter. This morning I counted fourteen of them, all squabbling, chirping, and eating simultaneously. My bird book (Peterson) says their migratory patterns are irregular in the winter but may include “massive movements” as far south as Texas and Florida. Anyway, they are welcome here and I hope you get a few. Be forewarned though: they are prodigious eaters!
Guy Laflamme
Franklin Centre

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