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Letter to the Editor: The recent events in Ukraine make us realize the nature and the value of democracy.

Although I do believe that the ability to protest is a democratic right, I certainly do not agree with the bully tactics recently used in Ottawa and other places in Canada. They are fueled by misinformation, frayed emotions, and a growing unrest of far-right organizations. We need to stop, and realize the true freedom that we DO have!

The present COVID situation is unique in our lifetime. Governments are faced with unprecedented situations of weakened health response capabilities. They have had to take action, and certain actions may not be to everyone’s liking, but the actions taken have been to protect the health of citizens at large. We also need to remember our health care professionals and the huge added stress that the pandemic has wrought upon them and on our hospitals!

I think that the mighty pandemic has overshadowed a far more important problem that should be more prevalent in our public sphere: climate change. Pandemic fatigue and frustration have been a challenge, but we need to keep an eye on the bigger picture. We all still need to do our bit to fight climate change. It is a world-wide problem, and it is not going to go away on its own.

We all need to find ways to lessen our carbon footprint by examining our own lifestyle choices. The questions asked in an online carbon-footprint test ( will give you an idea of steps you can take to lessen your carbon-footprint.

Take personal action: direct your personal investments towards climate-friendly industries. Reduce energy use and eliminate/reduce air travel and meat consumption. Eat locally produced food.

The Green Budget Coalition is a group of 23 leading Canadian environmental organizations that have worked together to prioritize the most pressing issues Canada should be supporting to reach environmental sustainability. You can look up their recommendations for the 2022 budget at

One of the freedoms we have as citizens of a democratic country is to get engaged by contacting elected representatives at all government levels, asking for coordinated government efforts to meet 2030 targets. Act before the new budgets are established. Vote for climate-friendly policies. Attending a climate march also has an impact (such as the Global Climate Strike on March 25).

Please take time to voice your concerns where it counts!
Catherine Stratford, Hemmingford

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