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Letter to the Editor: Too much litter

Why has it become much easier to throw garbage out the car window than to take it home? How can a McDonalds coffee cup make its way from Valleyfield or Mercier to the Super C parking lot in Ormstown, and also to the window ledge of the Barrie Memorial Hospital? Both establishments have garbage cans.

Since the Tim Hortons has been in Ormstown, there seems to be more coffee cups on the side of the road, in parking lots, and also at the Barrie Memorial Hospital. I must say that these cups seem to travel quite far. Now, with COVID, it seems it is easier to throw them on the ground near the hospital and nearby parking lots! Is this the new norm?

I have seen boxes of french fries, cola cans and straws on the side of the road. Is it so difficult to take the garbage home and to dispose of it properly? The whole planet is complaining about pollution, is this not pollution? Where do these people think this garbage ends up? I will tell you; it is in the ditches and then in the Chateauguay River and on to the Saint-Lawrence River and then to the ocean.

With the new fad of drinking energy drinks, [those containers, as well as] any type of soft drink and beer cans or bottles, seem to end up next to the ditches along the roads. Is this where they belong? Every municipality has a recycling program, why can’t people use them?

In Hinchinbrooke, we have a problem with someone littering on the Rennie Side Road between First Concession and the 202, in front of the old sugar shack. For the past three years this person has been dumping empty water bottles (30 to 40) and empty cake boxes. Why? If this person has a beef with someone, why are they polluting with a product that does not decompose? The Municipality has placed a sign, “No garbage allowed,” but this is not working.
Gerardo Bocchicchio
A concerned citizen 
of Hinchinbrooke

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