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Local Macdonald College student wins workwear scholarship

Pilote & Filles, a workwear clothing brand, hosted a scholarship awards ceremony at the end of April. This year was the fourth year for this award series, and out of 588 applications, nine regional scholarships were given out. Among the recipients was a Valley native, Megan Bergevin. The event itself was broadcast to an audience of over 1000 people, and a total of $40,000 was given to students.

“The award that I won was about females working and studying in an agricultural environment. It’s to show that women can do the same work as men,” Bergevin explains. She applied for this award and ended up receiving $2000. “This award means a lot to me. It shows that women can do anything. We can work like men. Just because we are women, that doesn’t mean we can’t do hard work like farming,” she says; suggesting this was an empowering award to win.


A young girls in brown overalls stand in the aisle of a dairy barn with Holstein (black and white) cows in their stanchions.
Megan Bergevin was honoured to be one of the women to receive a Pilote Filles scholarship this year PHOTO provided


Bergevin is currently studying in the Farm Management and Technology (FMT) program at Macdonald College. “This is a really good program to learn about agriculture and to bring back to your farm. You can make a lot of good friends in this program that have the same potential as you,” she says. She really enjoys the fact that her classmates get to stick together for all of their classes and get to work together.

Something else that Bergevin appreciates about the FMT program is the chance it gives to travel and experience different parts of the country. “In the summer you need to do a stage, and it can be an internship stage where you can do whatever you want. So, for my first year, I decided to do my stage in Winnipeg. It’s a great opportunity to travel when you are young and see what they do in different areas,” she explains. She will be entering her second year in the fall.

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